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    Friday, January 15, 2010


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    If a lined denim tote is what you are looking for, I may be able to help. My machine can handle denim (cripes! this machine would fly me to England if I knew how to program it correctly!); I have made many, many totes (even two from repurposed never- finished sweaters)... I can send photos if you'd like. I'd be happy to help.


    Thanks for the Red Scarf update! I did just finish a 2010 scarf so I'll send it along. Mr. J. certainly is a bit metro-sexual. Does he have the urge to exfoliate? Keep the stories coming they are just too cute!


    Seems like dog sweaters would make great "swatches" for testing new techniques/patterns. How about a reversible double-knit sweater next?
    He probably wouldn't appreciate lace, though...


    So glad to hear about the scarves! :-) As for Terrier Tuesdays, I have a feeling Mr. Jefferies will just keep those anecdotes cranking for you. He's got ... personality!


    Mr. J is just too, too adorable- you'll never run out of material with that cute little face around!

    I love your knitting posts, but the Terrier Tuesday posts are my absolute favorites.


    Glad to hear you are all vaccinated. Kennel Cough is no fun. Count me as another one who enjoys the Terrier Tuesday's as much as you other posts!


    You know well how I love Mr.J.
    YAY!!! for well knit/handcrafted Red Scarves!
    Glad to hear Katie got the colour down (I just know she made notes, right?!?) because.. well, you're damned foxy anyway but dayum, that's some outstanding colour! lmao re: David. too funny!
    You keeping the Calmer sweater... heeee :^D (YAY!)


    I'm absolutely in the Mr J fan club. I also really like the terrier fashion updates. The tweedy look of the stranded coat looks very fine. Subtle, and fine! And, I'm glad to hear the quality scarf count is getting so close. YAY!


    sorry about your soreness - it too shall pass - did you see my blog post tagging Mr. Jeffries? check it out

    about the "flu"? don't worry - we NYers never get sick - we develop immunities just by being around so many people ;p

    have a relaxing weekend!


    I got The Flu about 5 years ago. And yes, people throw that term around way too loosely, if you ask me.

    Re crocheted edgings, I don't do those. Instead I do what Kay (Mason Dixon Kay) recommended when I asked her about her dishcloth edgings: pick up and knit 3 stitches, CO one stitch, pick up a stitch, CO one stitch, and so forth. Works a treat!


    Love the Mr J updates. "He" is a very clever correspondant and my 9yo daughter especially loves "his" videos (and is pushing harder than ever for a Mr J of her own!). Have you seen the new Berrocco Sox shades? Look at the one called "Miller". Color combo can't be a coincidence. (Whoa! Alliteration much?)
    Also (Webs) has Calmer on sale just in case you need some more. :)
    Fox and Geese... is Robin Hansen's book. I've knit umpteen pr of her Sunny's Mittens (Lovikka) including 3 pr in the last 2mths. I love Mr J's coat fabric so maybe I'll branch out into something from Fox and Geese..


    Good hair is really, really important.

    And that is good hair.

    Jen B

    I'll drop my 1st 2010 scarf in the mail this afternoon. Glad to hear about the improvement in quality.

    I'm of the opinion that plenty of water & sleep can prevent just about anything - my 6 year old had suspected H1N1 & my immune system managed to keep it at bay.


    Yeah for the great Red Scarf Update!!!

    I love the comment about "hey, she looks a lot like you" - I wonder if he's thinking of befriending that foxy lady. ; )

    Congrats on your great work. It's really amazing what knitters can do - especially with a wonderful leader like you. Woot!


    I noticed a big Calmer closeout sales on discontinued colors at Webs last night and thought of you. Click at your own risk.

    Cheryl S.

    I agree that many people who claim they have "the flu" really don't.

    As far as I know, I've only had the flu once - when I was a kid. I don't remember how old I was, probably 8-10, and all I remember is aching all over and lying on the couch.

    I've only had a flu shot a couple of times, because it doesn't seem worth it if I never get it anyway.

    Seanna Lea

    I have to wonder if a bigger dog needs a coat as much as Mr. J. His sweaters are better looking than some of the ones I've knitted for myself!


    Thanks for the red scarf update. Hmmm, I have a scarf that blocked itself at 8.5" wide, but it isn't too thick. Wonder if I should send it?

    As for the flu, if you aren't sure, you don't have it. I've had it twice in my life and it was like being run over by a bus. Otherwise, I'm almost never ill, or even 'under the weather'. Stay well!

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    I have Robin Hansen's Fox and Geese book, and her first one "Maine Mittens". I go to them over and over. What is the wars-like-iron VT yarn, which sounds like a sturdy-mitten yarn? I've been using Bartlettyarn.


    Random snippet #5 had me in stitches. Totally something my husband would do...if I actually let anyone take my picture.

    As for Mr J...he always gives me a smile or laugh on Tuesdays. Keep 'em coming.


    Isn't it funny how the dog sweaters are so fun? They are like potato chips... The Terrier Tuesdays make me a little more normal. I got a Chihuahua a little over a year ago (never had a dog before) and am totally loving it!

    Perhaps you should consider the FluMist. Our family has been doing it for years with no problems. I don't think I'll ever go back to the shot. It's really hardly noticeable.

    elizabeth a airhart

    good news just very good news

    every one take an on line blue ribbon

    handsome scarfs gayles page is great

    thank you we read you first then

    came jeffries and the saga of mr
    jeffries began pbs next


    Regarding #4: I just hurt myself laughing.

    Linda "K"

    Um...Norma? Didn't your suitcase have wheels? You GOT to have the wheels. Or was it just galumphing up stairs and stuff? Re the hole for the leash in the sweater - I bet a one-row buttonhole would work a treat for that and they are so strong! This is my fave:

    Works great as thumb hole on plain tube wristwarmers but you have to make bigger since it's so firm.

    I'm starting in January this year so red scarves will not wait until December.

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