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    Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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    toni in florida

    I can't imagine the sad eyes failing any time, especially on a five-pound body that can positively quiver with sadness. You're a goner, ya know.


    Well, at least the soft, warm, cozy, snuggly bed will stay all nice and white on the inside.

    Incidentally, the 50-lb greyhound cross in this household employs a remarkably similar strategy. Oh, and thinks he's a lapdog, too.


    Be glad Mr. Jefferies only weighs 5lbs. Our 75lb Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Jake, likes to drape himself across my husband's lap when he is on the computer (he works at home). Jake uses my husband's "mouse" arm as a head rest and has been known to "edit" documents in his twitchy sleep.


    Love the bags! What an excellent job she did. Beauty and function - perfect!

    There is no defense against the Sad Eyes. Dogs are experts at it, and Mr J really excels...


    I want a dog!!!


    The new bag is fantastic. What a great way to still have your favorite skirt.


    Wanda in AR

    The new bag is great.

    Margaret in Ontario

    "Alpha-Alpha"? Sure seems like Mr J has you on the Omega track...
    Great outcome on the skirt. What talent!
    And every time you show a pile of books like that, the pangs begin and I miss it more than I can say. Right down to the yellow "used" sticker! You lucky, lucky woman!


    Oh no. I started with 2 trigger fingers shortly after I started knitting mittens in earnest (up to that point I was only making easy scarves with big needles) and now, 3 years later, I have had 4 fingers "fixed" (surgery) and the other 6 in various stages of aching and clicking. Haven't given up knitting however! And it doesn't bother me much at all to sew. Upstate NY cold weather brings out the worst in them and they are better in warmer temperatures - so it may be time for a vacation south for you!!!


    Oooh, more denim refashioning, right up my alley! Those are lovely bags.

    I'll just say one thing, after being heartbreakingly (insert sad Yorkie eyes here) hungry after eating a gargantuan amount of food: Phase 2!

    Oh and Norma? Are you sure you're the Alpha here?


    ok, I had to look up 'trigger thumb' and I'm so sorry, what a PITA!
    Those bags are FABulous! and so very well done! LOVE the buttons on both! and those homemade doggie treats? dayum, they look good!


    You are clearly absolutely, completely, happily besotted. It's understandable. You have fallen for a prince.


    The bag is absolutely wonderful! Give Mr. J his treats and go fill it up! She did a beautiful job.
    If you can't solve the arm issue then Mr. J will need to be called Alpha Alpha.


    Wow! That bag! Wow! (yeah, speechless)


    Hey -- Nice bag!
    Surely you know by now who the alpha really is? One look, and who obeys whom?

    Mary Fran

    Lovely bags! And I just get BlackBerry elbow now... and a little carpal tunnel from the track pad.


    The bags are amazing!!

    I read The Handmaid's Tale years ago as well and also cannot remember a thing about it.

    Our dog has a similar wrestling move that she employs whenever one of us sits on the sofa. With precision snuggling, her victim finds that they've take a one to two hour nap without meaning to, all because of a strategically placed dog. We refer to it as "The Chihuahua Stranglehold".

    Cheryl S.

    Crappers on the thumb. Hope you can get that cleared up.

    Nice variety of reading materials. Larry is a huge Leonard Cohen fan, though I don't think he's read that book.


    I'm always completely undone by the Adoring Eyes. Gets me every time.

    Diane H.

    Great bags - always nice to repurpose a fave garment.

    The Yorkie Pin is related to the Portuguese Water Dog Press. It's where the 50 lb. dog puts one paw on your upper arm and the other tapping on your mouse hand while you are at the computer. It's used to indicate all manor of urgency; "time for dinner" being the most popular.

    Rosemary McN

    Love the sweater-the buttons set off the colors beautifully. Enjoy the reading and, boy, do I have bag envy.

    Another Joan

    DElighted to see some favourite authors in that pile. If you can find a cd of Ondaatje reading Running... it is wonderful - I almost didn't return it to the library. Will have to get out Cohen and Kroetsch for a re-read. Maybe instead of Olympic knitting!


    Oooo, The Handmaid's Tale! I read that years ago and it is still by far my favourite Atwood novel...well, after Dancing Girls and The Edible Woman. And Douglas Coupland! Great writer. Loved his novel, Gen-X. And Leonard Cohen! My copy of Beautiful Losers is falling apart. We have some really great author's up here in the frozen north, although we aren't so frozen this year. Margaret Laurence is a great read if you haven't already read her. Her book, A Jest of God, was made into the film, Rachel, Rachel, starring Joanne Woodward. Now I must go reread some stuff.

    My cats all use my arm as a head rest, especially when I go to bed. They curl up next to me and take turns lying on my arm/shoulder so they can get as close to my face as possible without actually smothering me. The problem is that they all weigh over 20lbs (just big cats, one can stretch up to the countertops) and if I move they sink their claws and teeth in. Little *****.

    My this turned out a little wordier than I thought. Enjoy your two classes, Norma, they sound endlessly fascinating to me.

    elizabeth a airhart

    you like to garden beverley nichols
    is fun and witty to read

    now that you are no longer head
    of the house hold but jeffries
    hand maiden - is there a support
    group in town or maybe dr phil


    Love the bag and Mr. Jeffries obviously is a champion Ultimate Yorkie Wrestler. I am very glad our cats did not see him in action. I have to admit I am probably in danger of losing my Canadian status by saying I cannot stand Ms. Atwood. I do make a point of picking up some Canadian lit each time I go home though, so hopefully they won't be revoking my passport just yet! Hope you feel better soon.


    Fabulous bags!

    What if you told Mr. J that he wasn't allowed near that new bed? Think he'd fall for it?


    Growing up I had a dalmatian who loved blankets, beds and snuggly things more than anything. Mr Jefferies could learn a thing from her!

    Great bag!

    Jan in NoFL

    In over 30 with shih tzus and yorkie friends we finally figured it out. You have to the bed on the VERY 1st day you get them, or you can kiss goodbye to them understanding that they needn't be dragging it all over the house or just jumping in and out for excercise. Sorry!

    Jan in NoFL

    Oops 30 years, not 30 dogs!

    Jane Prater

    Trigger thumb?? Go straight for the cortisone. It does work. Thanks for the pic with the books. I have only read Atwood. We ugly Americans rarely know our writers to the north. I will research and read.

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