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    Wednesday, January 20, 2010


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    I hear you about that extra weight creeping on - a little here, a little there. It starts to add up. You're doing what I should do about it. As we used to say in gymnastics: stick it!


    I love my to-go ware! I've been looking at the snack taxi bags. Let us know how you like it after using it for awhile!

    Starshadow Rivaulx

    Hi, Ms. Norma, just thought I'd throw in my two bits on a couple of the topics:

    a) The South Beach Diet: I belong to the school of thought that says, "If the diet works for you, then let it work! It's your body, after all." So good luck with it, and here's hoping you get out of the feral stage soon.

    You know, I do believe that if that's the effect carb detox has on a person, I should attempt starting this diet at a spa, far from my family. :)

    b) My hubby and I have these folding camper's utensils (spoon, fork, and knife) that we got at a local flea market, for eating out. So much better than plastic! However, hubby hangs on the the plastic utensils and with reasonable care, these can last a long time for a variety of other purposes. *grin*


    Norma: I LOVE the South Beach Diet. I'm such a sugar junkie that it's the only way I can rid my body of the constant cravings for sugar, sugar, sugar. Aside from losing weight, I FEEL better when I'm not eating all those evil sugars. Conversely, I feel like crap when I'm eating sugar because I can't eat just a little, I must eat everything in sight. I know the first 2 weeks of South Beach are the toughest, then it's easy-peasy - just eat healthy foods, healthy carbs, etc. It's amazing how delicious and sweet fruit, nuts, etc taste when not tainted by sugar, sugar, everywhere. Plus, by not eating sugar, you'll have more energy for all sorts of things... like knitting and blogging and gardening. I can't wait to hear your motivating stories. Good luck. Thanks again for even more inspiration.


    Good luck with the South Beach Diet! You need to do whatever works for you and is HEALTHY for you ... forget about the bossy folks who try to tell you what is and is not good for you. It's not like you're using crack to lose weight or something!


    Hi Norma, I look forward to your blog every day. It's the first thing I check on when I wake up in the morning. We're just the same age, and we seem to get angsty about/interested in many of the same things. Thanks so much for posting the URL for converting Web content to pdfs. I've already used it to add a knitty article to my library. I've learned a lot from you! Kate in Vestal, NY


    The first two weeks of South Beach are tough. But it works. My husband and I did it together which helped. Good luck.


    Shakin' my pom-poms for you, darlin'.

    Jean E.

    I think the South Beach diet is a good choice. I agree with the previous commenters. The first two weeks are the toughest.


    Go Norma! Thanks for the sugar-beating inspiration. I love my to-go ware, too. I hope you'll review the snack bag, that's new to me.


    Those bamboo utensils are really sweet!
    No diet advice from me...


    I think the commercial you are talking about is Chantix (sp?) for quiting smoking. It has been all over the tube (think New Year's resolutions). I have never met someone that was trying to quit smoking that did not exhibit anger or hostility!


    Oooo! I love the bamboo utensils and I'm going to order my set today. (You can always use the chopsticks for knitting, you know, if you ever get in a bind.)

    Also -- my best to you in the diet trenches. Whatever works. . . works!

    Seanna Lea

    I would never say that SB is not right for you, though I assume that it is not right for me. I've been a vegetarian for almost 18 years (gah, that number keeps getting bigger and bigger) and any diet that restricts one of my food groups (carbs being a biggie for me) would drive me bonkers.

    I'm on my own diet odyssey right now, but I'm using Change One and am currently working on healthy breakfasts and lunches.


    Those utensils are awesome. We have real silverware at work and I use it but my staff keeps using plastic because they are lazy and don't want to wash a fork. oy!


    The first two weeks of SB are the worst. It gets better. When I did it, the lack of carbs left me with absolutely no energy. Have you tried the cauliflower "mashed potatoes?" I can't remember the correct name of the recipe but they are FABULOUS! Good luck!


    Love those utensils. I currently use plastic at work -- but I bring it home everyday, wash it, store it up in a designated place, and then eventually take it all back to re-use. Not perfect, but not terrible.

    My mother did SB a few years ago and LOVED it... so much that she gave us all the book that Christmas. ; ) I've never done it full-on -- I have the impression that it's very time- and labor-intensive. Is it? Maybe I should just read the book.

    I've bookmarked the PDF link -- can't wait to try it!


    I'm South Beaching it... I just started modified Phase II. :) I lost 20 lbs in 12 days. I'm psyched. I feel better, I look better... and I'm feeling more me again. I will admit, I miss my carbs, but adding back 1-2 per day (1 apple and an eng muffin) hasn't really been that bad. I'm still eating 70% vegetarian (lots of beans, green veggies, lean meats) and loving it. I can't wait to see how this plays out long term.

    And... get the cookbook... it made Phase I easier. And tastier. :) I used the regular old gold-covered SB cookbook and we love it!


    Good luck with South Beach! Personally, restrictions on foods make me crave them even more, so I'm afraid SB would never work for me. I'm a Weight Watchers girl and like that I can eat anything (just not unlimited quantities of anything - damn!) SB is not a bad diet, though, and lots of people have great success with it, so I'm sure you will, too. Personally, I'm still waiting for the chardonnay diet - LOL!

    Love your blog!

    Becky in VT

    Do you really want to know about that medicine ad? It's for Chantix - and they're NOT JOKING. My husband was one of those that had the unusual hostility and it's WAY off the charts compared to normal quit-smoking hostility.

    Every time we see that ad we have to resist throwing stuff at the TV...

    Also, Gogo you for sticking to a diet!

    Cindy in Happy Valley

    I was on a modified version of the South Beach Diet under the watchful eye of a nutritionist. Because I'm not a sugar junkie (I rarely drink soft drinks, or eat pastries etc.) and so love nuts and cheese, food was not so much of a problem. My biggest issues were no wine, and no sugar for my tea. I am one of those sad sacks who can taste ALL artifical sweeteners. Stevia, nurtasweet, you name it...ugh. And I could never get used to drinking my tea unsweetened.

    That being said, I dropped 9 lbs in the three weeks I was on the induction phase. The problem was, I felt horrible. It was like having the flu for weeks, and it never abated as it should have. I began adding carbs back in very strict amounts (again under the care of a nutritionist), and the weight came right back, and I was still feeling horrible. I was totally disappointed because I think modifying carbs is a valid approach, and it is fair doable. I know many people who were successful. I hope you will be too.


    Good luck with the diet. I hope it works for you. Nice utensils. Yay scarves!


    You and I have discussed foods, blood type stuff and are in agreement, mostly that not all 'diets' work for every individual. I have complete confidence in your wisdom and knowledge re: food and what's good for you.
    That said, hang tough, power through :^)
    (I've been bad, cheating of late, and I would love to blame it all on Bobby and his cravings for homebaked chocolate chip cookies and he never gains an ounce. I'll be having a firm kick arse sit down talk with myself.. today)


    Oooh, nice utensil set. I have travel chopsticks in a similar case, but the spoon and knife could come in handy.


    Good luck with the diet! I think the "phase" thing gets you started with results that keep you motivated, and SB is pretty reasonable and healthy. Lean protein, lots of veggies, a small to moderate amount of whole grains, good fats such as nuts or olive oil... that's really what all humans should be eating in one form or another!

    Jen B

    You tell them Norma - do what you want the everyone else can stuff it. Personally SB worked for me after having a baby - now I just need to do a little adjusting to take care of a few lbs.

    Love the utensils. Keep us posted on the sandwich bag - I'm intrigued.


    Kym- I think you're right about the not smoking drug. I was going to try it, but figured I'd probably get fired if I exhibited the side effects. (How's that for an excuse?)


    Rah rah rah!

    I'm getting ready to start South Beach on Monday (need time for planning, hormonal crap, etc), and I can't wait to hear more about how you make it work for you!

    Cheryl S.

    I liked the titanium spork our local Laurie just got. If I was still working at an office, I'd be tempted to get one of those:


    I lost weight on the SB also. Wonder why Hurley didn't. I mean before they found the Dharma stash... ;-) Just think how wonderfully your garden will work into the plan come spring! My 16 year old son decided on his own to reduce carbs so he can see all the muscles he's now gaining since he's working so hard at his tennis game. He saw how it worked for both myself and my husband and then what happened when my husband went back to heavy on the carbs eating. Make it through the first weeks and off you go!


    Heh, those To Go Ware folks are so clever--they include knitting needles, so you can KIP during lunch break. Wow. Oh, wait, chopsticks you say???


    I use The Hacker's Diet online tracker (really neat program) that averages out your weight as you enter it in daily, weekly, biweekly, however you want to enter it in. It graphs your result so if you're visual, you can see how you're doing.

    When I started the SBD in June, I lost about 10 pounds. Went traveling back home to Massachusetts twice during July, and fell off the diet. But it helped kick-start weight loss in general. I think I may have to cut down on the carbs again.

    To Go Ware has some cool Indian Tiffins available, too. Too bad they're not microwavable! But you can use them on a stovetop!


    I got To-Go Ware utensils last summer, and I love them! My gentleman friend thought he'd never use the chopsticks, but later realised that they were coming in handy when he needs something with which to stir his coffee...


    I've never found that trying to follow a particular diet plan work well for me, but with the current efforts I decided that I would at least set goals for fats, carbs, and protein according to Zone diet recommendations, so 30/40/30. What I'm finding, being vegetarian, is that it's really hard to get my protein intake up that high, even though I'm consistently surpassing RDA of protein.

    The good thing is that it's making me be very mindful of what I'm eating, which I think is what the real purpose of a diet should be anyway.


    Good for you, Norma. You'll be an ace at SB, and I'm glad it's working.

    I'd love to hear more about your issues w/ the vegan diet. WTF?



    Do what you gotta do, The Norma! You know what works for your body better than anyone else. And I LOVE the To Go kit. Talk about perfect!



    My docs were pretty clear that South Beach is one of the only diets they recommend, and I've had at least two personal trainer-type friends say the same. I was miserable beyond belief in Phase I, but have since learned in the re-issue of the book that those people who are already very active can alter Phase I a bit or go straight to Phase II. I found that I needed a little more in the way of complex carbs in order to keep up my workout routine - so that's something for you to keep in mind knowing how active you are.


    Have you seen this blog:
    Her recipes are awesome!


    Yay Norma Yay! Here's my diet advice... if it's healthy and it's working for you, then great! Stay away from the margarine and grapefruit diet though... Those utensils are BEAUTIFUL!

    elizabeth a airhart

    good night

    Teresa C

    Hahaha! I hear that ad and think that Pete probably wouldn't be able to tell if it was unusual for me or just another of my usual mood swings. How bad would it have to get? heh.

    I'm pretty much a SBer, but not really. I do eat oatmeal and oatcakes. The rest of my life is fish, fish, fish, veggies, fish, lettuce, fish, oils, fish, nuts, eggs, more fish. yep. BORING! I've been adding some cheese, but dairy and I don't usually get along, so I have to be in the right mood. I do this even though the last time I did I ended up with kidney stones. I think I may be headed that way again, but other than that I feel pretty good on it. We'll see.


    I took the survey. That is great news about the scarf. I love the utensils.


    I love these utensils! Me thinks I will purchase some for my daughter in Boulder, CO. She is very conscious of her carbon footprint and brings lunch every day. I was pretty shocked when visiting that we dined with plastic spoons and soup! These will be perfect!

    Lisa in Toronto

    I was recently given one of these stainless steel food containers:
    Link for a Canadian store -

    It really does not leak so far, even with soup in it.
    (I put my lunch in a ceramic bowl to heat it up.)

    Please do report on the viability of the sandwich wrap. Enquiring minds want to know.

    best regards
    Lisa in Toronto

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