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    Wednesday, December 09, 2009


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    Hmmm.... I got a sprouter last winter, need to break it out and start using it.

    As for the boots... add some rhinestones and they would be perfect!


    Oh my, those boots are fabulous!


    On sprouts : Best combo ever is Brie, nice a ripe, on wholemeal [or whatever you prefer] toast , piled high with Alfalfa sprouts.
    For stir fries, peanut sprouts are amazing ! Crunchy, sweet with just a hint of peanut flavour.

    Aren't the pads on dogs paws designed to cope with a very wide range of temps ? In other words, dog boots are wrong, in so many ways !

    Lisa H.

    OMG, dog boots from the canine transvestite store! You need to put a warning on your blogs - I almost spit Diet Coke all over my computer screen. Jeez! The basketweave scarf is so gorgeous. Beautiful job! I'm mailing my red scarves into Red Scarf Project headquarters this morning. Thanks for all the cheerleading you do - I've enjoyed seeing lots of great scarves in the Knitspot group headed your way.


    Ooh, SproutPeople! I forgot about that site!

    Love the deep, rich red of this scarf.


    He's adorable, and I can see why you love the scarf...
    I have friends who've had good luck with these boots/shoes for their dawgs...they're really cute too. Rumour has it that they stay on really well.


    I've said it before, I'll say it again.Holy shit you knit fast. The boots-OMG! They would fit right in up there in St.A. What are you thinking!LMAO. The sprouts look outrageous. Can't wait to slide all over the roads today!


    Sprouts!!! yummy!!!! Haven't done that in a long time.

    The scarf is gorgeous. You keep outdoing yourself.


    Oh C'mon Norma. You MUST take a picture of Mr. Jeffries in those booties. Perhaps in both pairs. You know - a fashion show.


    I used to sprout beans for stir-fries - the trouble was, by the time the sprouts were ready, I was no longer in the mood for stir-fry...
    Those boots. Oh, my.


    For just keeping snow and ice from building up between his toes, simple fleece booties work pretty well. Use scraps of polarfleece to make an "envelope" that fits over his foot and attach a tie at the top to keep them tight. Twill tape sewn into the seam that ties or attaches with velcro works great. Thousands of sled dogs (including Iditarod racers) use these. They're cheap, relatively easy to make and easy on/off (and you can make them in colors to match his sweaters/coats- rhinestones optional). With all of the "not studying for LSAT'S you might even have time to knit and felt a custom pair with your yarn scraps. Or not.


    Ooo, nice de-hulling tip. I've been doing sprouts for several months but had not run across that. Ta!

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    Great picture of Mr. Jefferies, and those boots ... well. So cute! I'm eager to try making yogurt now that we've found a local source for good milk -- and now you tell us about sprouts. I can't keep up!


    Those boots! FIERCE!

    As for the LSAT. . . why stop there? How about the GRE? The CPA exam? Maybe you could start cramming for the Bar (premature, I know, but . . .)?


    Mmmm, those sprouts are pretty! So is that scarf! what a Beauty! I'd think Mr.J was Very Well insulated, what with the wool and polar fleece on top of that.. and his energy level, I'd think he'd be leaving little steaming puddles everywhere he walked ;^) Kinda like the bootie idea from Tish though. LOVE those fancy boots, heee.
    Your brain is missing the exercise/stimulation. I can well imagine the withdrawal. jonesin' for it you might say.

    mary lou

    Sprouts with cottage cheese, salsa, and sunflower seeds. Strange but good.


    1) That basket weave scarf looks totally fabulous!
    2)Since there is a heavy snow fall going on, I can reserve judgement on the sprouts idea for a day or two.
    3)Dog booties...really? Mr J doesn't totally object? How does he deal with snow that is several inches deep (like today, for example)?

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Must be my mood but today's post just cracked me up totally. Classic Norma.
    I'm all for the homegrown sprouting but can still smell what happens when they turn & start fermenting. We'll see if I can go down that road again. Tho I am regretting sending my crockpot off w/ son in college now that I know I could make yogurt in it. All I ever did was dye wool in it till he took it.


    Those boots are hysterical. But they DO look effective...And that scarf looks super awesome with a bit of blocking, so no wonder you love it.

    Elizabeth D

    Norma, is it a problem that I thought "transvestite boots for dogs" before I saw what you wrote?

    On the scarf -- nice edge. Is that slip first stitch as if to purl, knit last stitch?


    Love those boots! Reminds me of a movie I saw at knitting retreat several years ago. When we heard the Friday evening activity was a movie called " Kinky boots" we all laughed and questioned her sanity. Funny movie if you haven't seen it. Maybe Mr. J. should try out for the dog version!


    There's nothing else to say, but YOU ARE AMAZING!


    Those boots are total hoot. Doggy transvestite-style indeed.

    Mmm, sprouts...

    Mary Fran

    The dog boots are cracking me up. Straight out of Gossip Girl. He's a country dog now and he's tough!

    Seanna Lea

    I have two batches of yogurt I've made so far, and they both are a bit thin. I'm hoping my next batch will come out better now that I've got a thermometer that will take a more accurate temperature reading.

    The yogurt is still tasty, and I'm hoping to change my milk for one from a local farm soon for even higher quality yogurt.


    Pupsicle!!!!! Mmmm, those sprouts look delish and the scarf is very pretty!!


    We all have to love something. You love sprouts and a scarf. Honey, it could have been so much worse.



    I love the boots. My dog, Pete, is a hot house flower and doesn't like getting his feet wet, poor thing. It was pitiful watching him this morning in the snow, not wanting to step in it but knowing he had to if he wanted his walk. He was the saddest looking dog in the world.

    Thanks for the link to the sprout maker, that takes care of a Christmas present. And I think I just might splurge and get a yoghurt maker for myself.

    elizabeth a airhart

    good night


    beauteous scarf! again!!1


    Never thought of calling my dogs "pupsicles"....... but we do use the word "poopsicles" in our house!!

    Kathy Sue

    WOW--those doggie boots are bizarre. Does he seem to notice the cold? I'll bet that he is so warm from his wonderful sweaters and coats that his feet are fine.

    Sprouts----Yuk!! Sorry.

    Kathy Sue

    PS...I really like the basketweave. Like to make baby blankets with it.


    1. You're no worse with the doggie fashion than my boss for her Brussels Griffon. Now if she starts with it for her two Great Pyranees, I think we might have to commit HER.
    2. The pumpkin sprouts sound appealing! I wonder where my sprouter is...
    3. That scarf? You should be in love with it. I am, too...It's scrumptious!

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