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    Monday, November 09, 2009


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    It's such a joy to knit for someone you love who loves your knits. It's beautiful!


    Palindrome is such a fun knit. I'm always so charmed by each cable crossing.
    So beautiful!


    Love pattern and color! It's somewhere buried in my queue.

    Lisa H.

    You're inspiring me to pick my needles! That color blue is just perfect!


    Glad to hear she got it! Beautiful scarf, as usual.


    Norma, it is so gorgeous! She must be thrilled!



    Mary Fran

    Oh, that's gorgeous. Sigh. Would look really nice with my eyes as well. Looks like I'd better add that pattern and yarn to my queue/wish list.


    Beautiful blue. Beautiful pattern. It looks like it will be a pleasure to wear this winter.


    Absolutely Stunning. I'm thinking Ally is seriously feeling the love :^)
    Knitting the same pattern in Red... same mods and everything, er.. not everything, I'm using US8s.


    It's beautiful and the pictures are fantastic.

    Teresa C

    So.Blue. :)

    Kathy Sue

    Good idea about making the crosses less often. The yarn you used LOOKS soft!

    Seanna Lea

    That's so pretty. I love that shade of blue (though admittedly I say that about all shades of blue).


    Most excellent. Just so you know, I too am fond of blue.


    Simply beautiful! You are a good person....


    oooh, so pretty.


    It's so lovely. Well done!


    Wow. I'll say - SO pretty!


    I feel so special :-) I've worn the scarf every single day since I received it... if I didn't think I would strangle myself, I'd probably sleep in it. Best care package ever. It's perfect in every way, and good news, no pilling yet! A wonderful gift from a wonderful friend... what more could a girl ask for?

    elizabeth a airhart


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