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    Sunday, June 28, 2009


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    Ahhh, wish I was closer to get you some bread pdq. I ended up selling all but 3 loaves of the Cinnamon bread yesterday and gave one to the wood guy who gave me the cutest baby trellis *g* I need to do a state of the garden post too, the peas are taller than you now! My brocoli is still in the starter pots, probably going to plant that today. You were right, it's growing fast now that the weather is in the 70's. Whoot!


    Pacman is pretty good broccoli - we grow that if we can't get Premium Crop, which is our favorite. Don't grow Green Goliath - awful stuff.
    Good luck with your antique transcript. Feeling like an archeologist?
    Love your comparison of a garden bed to a blank canvas. You are definitely a garden artist!


    We had the first cuke and green pepper in a salad last night...oh so tasty...

    Would you and your followers ring in on asparagus and garden has to be fenced against deer foraging or I would have nothing but I don't think I've ever seen anything about deer eating asparagus or don't remember that they did in the last garden...I have been wondering if I could essentially plant a border around the fence on the outside of asparagus but with Bambi and the two fawns nestled in the lot next door...well...


    I'm thinking a composting post would be a good post. ;)

    Good luck with your transcript!


    Only one "C"? I am stunned, disappointed and wandering back to my spot in the naughty corner.

    Jean E.

    What are those green plastic-y things in amongst the broccoli? I see two of them in the first picture.


    Oooh, broccoli!

    There were once 8" floppy disks? My goodness. Good luck finding those details! (Or with deciding it's not worth it...)


    Well sure.. WOOHOOOO!
    I always enjoyed watching Michael dance, boy had some moves. slick.
    Fired Brick... it's a gorgeous red, now is it along the 'warmer' tones of red? with 'Brick' in its name I always think warm red.
    Yes. You are indeed a Garden Artist. I feel like one of Pavlov's pooches.. your garden photos have my mouth watering. every single time.
    Good luck with that antique transcript. egads.


    Just read you in my feed reader and had to come over and comment. Thanks for giving us the option for both! Last year when the computer went pfft... I had to read you on my phone and not having the ease of the feed reader made it tough but I did it anyway. Love my NORMA fix every day. If you were going to post every day for a year, then damnit, I was going to read every day, computer or not! Loving the Gardening again this year. Even planted one for my family again. I do need to figure out why the eggplant are dropping their flowers and producing no fruit though. Off to google!

    Jen B

    The slugs are feasting on my garden this year (must get beer). I don't mind them too much, but I think they're the critters that have eaten nearly all of the basil. I love your garden posts & learn so much every time.


    Do you do anything about cabbage worm? I'm wondering if I could put a cheesecloth hat over each head. If I had any cheesecloth, I'd have done it by now.


    I love your garden posts!!! Went out today to get more lettuce and spinach seeds, inspired by Norma

    elizabeth a airhart

    good luck with your tests

    i have read that cayenne pepper will keep
    all manner of pests perhaps deer away from plants

    thank you for the link to dolloffs found the
    cranberry pole bush beans i grew up with

    jackson was just a fine dancer
    the costumes are some of the very best


    Oh yerk. May Tuesday go, uh, smoothly.

    Alarming Female

    My favorite MJ video is Don't Stop Til You Get Enough. Even bought it on iTunes.

    I've been catching up (the garden is gorgeous and the photos mouth watering. Asparagus! OMG) but didn't get far back enough to figure out why you're studying the Harlem Renaissance, but good for you! I'm on a white-anti-racist reading diet right now.

    The rose petal jam sounds lovely and I'll bet it's ab/fab warmed and drizzled over vanilla ice cream. Wanna trade some for soap?

    I miss you, Norma! The girls around here roll their eyes at my single girl angst.




    Broccoli and Cabbage envy over here. Ours were pbbbt.

    I want to bake bread, but cannot bear the idea of using the oven right now.

    Hee-hee. Treating people aspenis.


    The Doloff's might be the "shelly" beans my mom grew up with...hmmm...where can I put an 8' pole bean?


    My old CompuGraphic EditWriter (typesetting machine) took 8" floppies.


    Bravo on the asparagus bed and my deepest sympathies re the ancient transcripts... Looks like a nice spot for the Dolloffs, hopefully they'll make some beans before frost over in your balmy Champlain Valley location!

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