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    Saturday, May 02, 2009


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    gorgeous asparagus!


    Ditto !!! The asparagus is beautiful. I've gotta grow me some of that stuff one day.

    marie in florida

    seeing your asparagus is my punishment for bragging about having veggies ready already. LOL


    Dn't yu mean "PIECE F CRAP"?


    Our tiny plum tree that got eaten to a nub last year by Japanese Beetles (before I bought the house, I soooo would have flicked those bastards off) anyway... it's putting out leaves! We thought it was a goner for sure. Yay Spring!


    Working in a hot balcony? that sucks. tremendously.
    Hope you're feeling better now and yes, that asparagus and some fresh air will go far in getting you there!

    Jo in Boston

    My peas appeared yesterday, too--and I have two nice, neat little rows of spinach.


    Mmmm. Asparagus.


    Fighting to get the O to register?


    Our asparagus is just starting to peek out. Peas are up about as far as yours. I'm soooooo ready for fresh veg! I've gotten anxious enough that I've broken down and bought produce at the grocery store - I normally don't do that, not wanting to support off-season, non-local veg.


    Lovely photos. I keep checking my asparagus bed for shoots. I am planting edamame tomorrow


    Read this today and couldn't help but think of you; it's a recipe for pasta alla Norma and it actually sounds like something you'd enjoy. (I think.)

    At the end, the writer asks "who's Norma?". Perhaps we should tell her?

    elizabeth a airhart

    hope you had a ticket to win at the derby
    take care good night


    I've got to let my asparagus grow this first year but I've got some other veggies growing now!


    That curvy asparagus is cracking me UP! :) They look delish!


    I'm jealous of the asparagus. Jealous. Totally.

    My tomatoes flooded :( Root rot. Damnit. Back to square zero.

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