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    Saturday, March 07, 2009


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    a simple yarn

    And that's five words.
    And it's before noon.
    So count me in.
    For a chance to win.

    And that's five lines...happy bloggy-versary!


    The squares are beautiful. Even 3 will make a difference.


    Those squares are quite lovely and I am not usually a square fan! 3 squares is better than none, that's what I always say.


    Everything makes a difference. I'll see if I can rustle up a square too. (And there's always NaKniMitMo 2010 to do some mittens...)


    You sure knit some Very Pretty squares! I've been playing around with that Log Cabin design but mine haven't looked that nice, of course... knitting them with cotton probably accounts for most of the wonkiness.
    As Carol wrote, everything makes a difference, they all add up.

    Dave Daniels

    Oh, Elaine, I thought it was the OTHER square you wanted...


    I first checked in around 6am, but couldn't think of anything to comment, other than a lame "It's hip to knit squares." And, uh, I still can't come up with anything better than that...
    I think my brain took Saturday off. Unfortunately, the rest of me had to go to work.

    As several people said, every little bit helps.

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