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    Saturday, January 10, 2009


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    I hope that you typed this post with your nose. Feel better.


    Feel better, Norma! Sending you good thoughts.


    Lovely sky. Are you using Kinesio Tape for your right arm? Just curious. Hope your hands/arms feel better soon.




    Well. That just sucks. But if it all makes you feel better than it's all worth it, right? Enjoying the view!

    Cheryl S.

    Hmmmm. I think you need one of those CART provider people to do your posts. Know any? ;-)


    What a wonderful view! Enjoy your restful weekend, The Norma. You've more than earned it. xo


    Stay the heck away from all keyboards and knitting needles. Have David do the chopping! For heaven's sake, Norma, keep still and heal. (grrrrrr, grumpy today, aren't I??)


    Feel better, heal, rest, walk, don't type!
    Post a nice picture tomorrow....


    Beautiful. Glad you can walk and enjoy it!! Good and fast healing to you.


    Yeah, get yourself a CART provider. Save your arms/hands/wrists/shoulders.

    You have an entrancing view from your living room!

    Melissa G

    Yea sun! Heal well. It's out here too so I'll catch up on project pics.


    Rest/heal well, Norma. and I mean that.


    I'm with Joan, you'd better have typed it with your nose and taken the picture with your feet. Relax and heal and have a lovely walk.

    Barbara M.

    What a beautiful Saturday you are having! We're getting the snow already, so I made an emergency trip to the yarn shop (NO, I did not need more yarn! I needed more needles because I have so many WIPs that I couldn't find one to knit the sleeaves of my wallaby.) before the storm started. Now I'm in, with soup simmering, just enjoying being inside. (And maybe I'll cast on for new warm socks with the nice Trekking I found in the bag with the new needles....I have NO IDEA how it got in there!)

    Hope the rest and brace helps.

    Barbara M.


    Speeding thoughts to you, Norma. Get better soon!!


    It's a room with a view. How fabulous! Hope the rest does the trick.


    Yes dear, sleep and heal. Your body will thank you!


    Feel better, Norma. I usually read your posts in the wee hours of the a.m. and was concerned when I did not see one last night.


    My elbows are bothering me too--especially my right (shoveling) elbow. Sorry to hear you're still unable to knit, type, all that fun stuff. Hope the walk helps to inspire you. I walked last night in the snow and it really helped. Take care.


    Very nice view, from this distance. Get better fast!


    If it's any consolation, that sunshine meant it was -18 this morning. (At least, that's what it was at my house... Argh!)
    Stay indoors, rest.


    Nice view, Norma! Feel better ... because, it's not like you NEED to type or anything...


    Feel better and have a great weekend too!


    Guess you didn't go spin on the other side of the state today. BTW, my left wrist is in a brace.

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