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    Monday, December 29, 2008


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    Fess up, Norma, didn't you giggle at least once.


    mmm boring? well well! Vermont does have long, cold winters...


    Ah, yes. F-machines. V. interesting, I think. Did you see the pin-up exhibit? I think that one would be fascinating, given how explicit things are today, most of those seem positively mild in comparison, yet were so provocative at the time. Ah, only in NY. :D

    Dave Daniels

    "Antique vibrators...?"
    Ok, I'm still, like, 12 years old!
    You should buy the book.


    Damn, you find the best things to do!


    Sounds like one heck of a morning. :) Thanks for sharing. Those are pretty freaky looking. Suitcase? Really? I love transvestites. They always make me want to go home and make myself look pretty - so inspiring.


    You learn something new every day.


    Oh, gosh. Can't people find a hobby?
    Um. Great sox


    Hoot!!! Norma, only you could segue socks and a sex museum and make laugh this much. Sounds like a great day.


    my favorite place to send naughty-girl e-cards from had some "antique shots" and none of them involved a drill, lol. did you tell them what SeX is to a knitter?

    Cheryl S.

    Woot! You got to do it with the socks in the museum of sex!


    Shall I tell you what electric (AC power, none of those annoying batteries) item I bought for 50ยข at the annual Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church* rummage sale? Nah, you can guess.

    *Largest Lutheran church in the known universe.


    Hahaha - I'm so glad you took pictures. I've passed the museum and always wondered. Thanks for the review. I bet it was worth a few giggles and OMG moments. Hehehehe.


    Looks like a fun day at the museum to me!

    (Is it just me, or does one of those antique vibrators look like an old-fashioned hand mixer?)


    Never a dull moment 'round here...


    Cute socks!

    Is it wrong that I'm sort of hoping for a birthday gift from their gift shop now? *L*

    Don't answer that. xo


    Love their abbreviated name, and the socks... and wishing you luck on that last sentence. I just hope you had the more practiced eye and were right.


    5th avenue chocolatiere . . . (
    we used to work around the corner from the one on 5th near 53rd, but it looks like they've moved. voted by david as best truffles EVER

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Different topic: on midnight, December 31, are you going to cease posting every single day? The world wants to know!


    So THIS is where you decided to photograph my socks? PLEASE go back to snow walking! :)


    So did the museum explain that vibrators were invented--no joke--as medical devices?

    MommyKnits Jen

    So hate to bust in with a technicality but that isn't a drill it's a recipricating saw (think back and forth not around and around). So are you staying in NY till New Years? It's fun to watch on TV but I can't imagine being there with that huge crowd.


    Actually, I *did* have a first date at the Museum of Sex. A blind first date. Accompanied by the person who was setting us up. Who was an ex-girlfriend of the guy I was supposedly being set up with.

    I don't know. It seemed like such a terrible idea that it had to work out well, right?

    (it didn't.)

    diabetic socks

    Nice sock. I liked the color.


    Are those tools all for making socks and factory things?

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