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    Sunday, December 28, 2008


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    I hope it isn't the economy. That kind of negative thinking can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course, in their defense, it isn't cheap to stay open for one or two people. Sounds like your having a great time!!


    More photos of Mr. Jefferies, please.


    Sounds like you two are having a great time. Sharon and I are planning a trip to NYC. Wanna be our tour guide?


    I'm just a little envious as I've always wanted to do NY just like you're doing NY. Sounds like so much fun. It's all about food, imo anyway.
    Perhaps everything is quiet because of the Holiday and they're gearing up for New Years fun.


    I thought you didn't LIKE Macs......


    Spa day - the best sort. Exhibit B is fab, definitely fits in the pampering-self stuff of a spa day. A little bling for your soul.

    Cheryl S.

    You go to all the really great places to eat! I'm way envious.
    Great necklace! What's the stone?

    Jean E.

    Sounds like fun!


    Dear Norma, I've read your blog for a long time -- thanks for making the effort!

    I'm a long-time resident of Manhattan, NYC, near Kips Bay. It's traditional for many Manhattanites to leave the City during the school breaks for Hannuka, Christmas & New Years, whether they have kids or not. However, and it's a big one, the economic crisis has given NYC a big smackdown. Just look at the names on all those big buildings you see between 42nd and 59th Street -- Bear Sterns, WaMu, Lehman Bros., on and on. Every one of those jobs lost diminishes employment in all the support sectors, including law, taxis, restaurants, clothing shops, real estate and all luxury and non-essential spending. I don't really like to Christmas shop in midtown, but I did make one foray the week before Christmas to Rockefeller Center. I worked for 16 years 2 blocks from there, and I've never seen so few people on the streets at Christmas -- less now than on just a normal workday in other times. Yarn stores are suffering and my nearest LYS is closing. Cabbies tell me the competition now for riders is cutthroat and their receipts are way down. I can imagine that many more places that have tried to put on a good face before the 25th will be closing soon after Christmas. It's very sad and scary, but we've got some "recovery" times ahead. Meanwhile, your visits are most welcome! Best for 2009! Suzanne


    Does Abigail give tours of NYC to her knitting aunties? Because this could be the start of a wonderful new business for her if she did.



    Dude, that pendant is beautiful.

    elizabeth a airhart

    suzanee is so right in her comments

    stay for new years perhaps the crowds will come

    tis a bitter sweet end of the year for so many

    and a number of new york residents are on the keys in florida


    We need to coordinate our NYC trips. #1 son is at Mt. Sinai med school. We could all meet up for some of that healthy chocolate and wine stuff.

    Dave Daniels

    I would LOVE to do a NYC meet-up with you some time. If you can ditch the kid, we can race around in taxis and do stuff like shop and asswatch and other mature delights. :)


    Even the hospitals are empty here in NYC this holiday season!! I got tonight off as a "vacation day" (I'm at nurse at NY Presbyterian Hospital) because the census is so low!

    Lisa Beamer

    That is a very beautiful trinket indeed! I love silver. And stones, now that I think about it.

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