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    Saturday, December 06, 2008


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    Breathe deep. And knit.
    Sweet hat!

    (When I was typing in my info, I typed yahoo.coma - I think I need more coffee.)


    I think I need coffee, too and I need to know who has taken over Norma's blog the last two days.


    Gayle made me laugh.

    Two suggestions for the wonky cast on:

    Instead of long tail, try cable cast on. It's the one that is like knit cast on except you put the right needle between the last two stitches rather than knitting directly into the last stitch. Also, if the hat is ribbed, as it appears to be, work the cast on quite firmly, or on a size smaller needle, to reduce flaring.


    And yet you're still knitting hats for others. You are so nice!


    Wonky is still warm so thank you!


    Bad photo of a good hat is WAY better than a good photo of a bad hat.
    I'm sure you agree.


    I have been sending good thoughts to A all morning.
    Signed: A recovering attorney.


    Bad photo? You mean you're just showing off how even your stitches are, right?

    Happy to hear that you and Abigail are getting to spend some quality time together. I hope the LSAT goes smoothly for her!

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