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    Friday, November 28, 2008


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    You left out the offset factor - the joy of seeing your child in something you've made for her. Worth any price...


    The recipient seems well pleased. Mr. Jeffries just wants a nose to lick.

    Lovely hat, and I am sure it's wonderfully soft and warm!


    Economics aside, that hat more than likely will never be tossed in the rag bag in a year or so because it's lovely and handmade and treasured. Well done!


    A lucky head. Priceless even. And those photos are extra awesome!


    Long-time lurker, first-time commenter!

    My knitting economics equation:
    $36 yarn รท lots of hours = very cheap entertainment! (or cheap therapy)


    The time makes the yarn worth the $$, as does the recipient's future pleasure and use. Sounds like an economist's equation.


    Brava to your glorious 'wingin' it' mad knitting skilz! The hat, she's a Beauty. Abigail wears it Very Well! Here's to warm ears :^)


    Lovely hat, it looks great on Abigail. Nice intuition, Norma.

    Jean E.

    It's a beauty!


    It's very beautiful and perfectly suited to Abs!!


    Great hat! Mr. Jeffries has his own matching jacket too! Too cute.


    I agree.. $$/hours = cheap entertainment.


    Aw, is that a little kissy-face?!


    But it was all worth it, right? I think perhaps only other hand crafters (and by this I do not mean makers of crocheted toilet roll covers) get any sense that knitted items cost in both materials and time.

    Sucka! (taken in by a wicked cunnin little canine...)

    I had a terrible bout w/ upper back pain earlier this year. Tried sitting on a therapy ball, helped miniscully. Mostly what worked was to lay on the floor. Often w/ a yoga half roll under my shoulder blades. Ended up at a manipulating osteopath for about 10 visits before it went totally away. He gave me neck stretch exercises, and things like these helped, But what really made me go "ahhh" (it was rather obscene report my friends) was to get a tennis ball, stand near a wall, put the ball behind my back below my shoulder, and roll up and down, then raise my arm and roll around..... it sounded like good sex.

    Cheryl S.

    It's wonderful, and with those yarns, it must be very delicious to wear.


    Lovely hat... Beautiful Abigail. So much to be thankful for.

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    I second Karen, long-time lurker (not that it needs to be justified) - the hours of pleasure I get from each project is very, very inexpensive entertainment! That's a really, really pretty hat on a really, really pretty daughter (with a really, really cute puppy).


    NOT to brownie up or anything but that gorgeous young lady looks just like her mother! Nice hat too! :-)



    The hat, the girl and the puppy!


    Actually, the candid photos are always the best... lovely job on both the hat and the grrl. Happy holiday weekend...


    GORGEOUS! (And so is the hat!) *wink*


    Was matching it to the little guy's sweater planned on an unexpected plus?

    I LOVE matching my scarves/hats to the clothes I put on my dog(s).



    That is one gorgeous hat and one gorgeous girl.


    It's a wonderful hat and Abigail is a most beauteous model.


    That is a great hat! I was in Barney's the other day and looked at their knit hats--very simple wool ones going for anywhere from $120 to $280! They were not even cashmere! Aren't you glad you knit?!

    Seanna Lea

    I would rather use good materials that feel good in the hands and I know will wear well than pick up any old thing off the shelf (though sometimes I still do that when I need to take the edge off). It's a great hat, and you couldn't find another one with its materials pedigree at the price!

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