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    Monday, November 24, 2008


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    I got as far as locating yarn and needles for a hat, but fell asleep on the couch while casting on. This getting up early thing is killing me...
    I've got to work harder on learning to knit in my sleep.

    Kate mom always says "a mama chicken looks after her chicks!" This is why Abigail is getting a hat during 'you time.' And, yes, Boston and NYC are unseasonably cold (like 20 deg less than it should be... and today's wind gusts are making it really cold).

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Ho, ho, I've got that same tape measure, and I love it (as do the cats when I slowly reel in the little egg to torment them.) Thanks for the inside out photos - they're interesting.


    It's you, you, you in 2009. Make sure Abs knows it!!


    It's never too late to do the mother thing - so teach that girl to knit!


    You're just not selfish enough. It's a flaw.

    Nice Hats! Give your fingers a nice break after this, though. I'm sure Abigail will be properly appreciative.


    We put aside pledges like that when the kiddies need stuff. Knitting, money, whatever it takes, right?


    You've got a lot of jumpers and cardys to knit for yourself...better get crackin'!

    I'm tossing my hat into the ring of 'give a girl a hat and you've kept her warm for a day...teach her to knit and you've kept her warm for a lifetime'. (not that you've asked for input, mind you!)


    Me, me, me went out the window when we had kids, kids, kids. lol. Think of the smile on her face when you give it to her!


    Oh I know! I'd decided a while back I was going to be a selfish knitter, but then 12 pair of the felted clogs got in the way. meh. 2009, the year I knit for ME. (I'm just hoping to get the other projects, besides the clogs, finished up by the end of the year :^) Those hats are wonderful and I love how you're winging it with Abigail's, it looks soooo soft!


    Speaking as a mother, I feel that when one of my kids asks me to make something, the pleasure and satisfaction I feel is sweeter than having the finished object for myself. My kids are pretty independent and modern and it tickles me to know that they value what I do. So, in a way, knitting for them is knitting for me.


    Knitting for your daughter is almost like knitting for yourself, right?

    Cheryl S.

    2009. The year of Norma Knits for Norma.


    Ya know, I've seen that Ryan. Abigail could take him and get her hat back if she really wanted to.


    If you are knitting two together every row on the decreases, how do the ribs stay straight? I would think that would make them spiral.

    I avoid sphincters as follows: work decreases until 8, 10 or 12 sts (whichever is easiest to get to with your hat math) remain. Arrange the remaining sts on four dpns so that you have the same number of sts facing each other: if you have 10 sts, you will have 2 sts each on needles 1 and 3 and 3 sts each on needles 2 and 4. Cut the yarn, leaving a nice long tail. Graft the sts on needles 1 and 3 together (just let the other two needles flop outward for the moment). Then (using the same yarn) graft the sts on needles 2 and 4 together over the first graft.

    That probably sounds mistranslated from the Japanese, but it makes a nice smooth top with no need for pompoms or any such folderol.

    I've also been known to work down to a small number of sts and then work I-cord for a while, eventually binding it off and tying a knot in it.

    (I will be knitting hats, but you knew that.)

    Seanna Lea

    Nice hats! I started my hat this weekend with every intention of finishing it and the sweater I have on the needles. No dice. Most of the way through the hat, most of the way through the sweater and 5 solid days of cookings ahead! I'll have to conjure knitting time out of thin air!


    It's this time of year. All the good tidings and falalalala, joy and all that crap! :D You'll get over it and knit for yourself again!
    Hi Ab!


    I think someone's daughter needs knitting lessons for Xmas.


    You're just a softie Norma!


    um... um... I ... er seem to have tagged you.
    I know you don't meme... but it's only 7 things...


    Love the hats, Norma! And yes, the kids can always make us forget our promises to ourselves...

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