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    Friday, November 21, 2008


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    Aw, now see? My faith in humanity is all misty eyed! :D Such generosity. I love it!


    It's just one hat and we can all knit just one hat for Jean. Some people are so generous of spirit. I wish I could be more that way.


    Thanks for helping spread the word, Norma! I've already gotten a couple of emails from your blog. It really will be a very big deal to the people on the streets that receive the hats.
    Thank you! Did I say that already? I'll say it again... Thank You!


    You mean you're not going to go on another desperate hunt for Berroco Furz? Aw....

    (The new hat looks beautiful!)


    Think Margene caught a case of the crankies from me? o.0

    Lovely knitting all the way around. xo

    Seanna Lea

    I'm planning on a knitting weekend (umm, 50% knitting - 50% sleeping, please?), and as soon as I'm done a hat for me I'll start another one for Jean! It beats working on the holiday gifts, and I have time!


    I've got a hat for Jean planned, but don't tell her in case I don't finish in time. Oh, um, oops... Hi, Jean!
    If it goes like my other knitting in the last few months, it'll probably just strangle me, anyway.


    It's freaking cold! And what's with the Dead Denny?

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