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    Thursday, November 20, 2008


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    Hee hee hee. Irony. You has it.


    Funny thing is? I would have assigned meaning to that empty post. DEEP, REALLY DEEP!


    Reminds me of a time a friend had asked me to come over and figure out what was wrong with her printer. I fiddled for hours - the printer acted like it was printing, everything seemed like it should work, but everything kept coming out blank. Finally figured out one of the kids had re-set the color of text - it was printing white text on white paper.
    White hat on snow - sounds like a zen thing...


    or...Blind faith in our blog service provider provides blank posts. Ugh! I'm sorry you went through that, but thanks for the head's up.


    Auto save sucks! It messes with my mind! I have heard hubby curse his laptop several times over it. LOL. Just breathe!


    I wrote a post recently, it went up fine but an hour later the post body was gone leaving only the title. i didn't catch it until 3 or 4 people left weird comments. Then I started getting messages from some wacko at Typepad (I didn't complain to them, they must be monitoring me) who claimed that my browser needed updating (it doesn't). This was before autosave. I thought I had done something wrong, but clearly they have a problem.


    Oh great! It doesn't even work? It mess with my mind, too. Anyway, the jury is out on the new "upgrade".


    Oh, too funny! I'd have thought you were being clever and would have a follow-up punch line tomorrow.


    you're not the first one to complain about it. wish they'd test-drive these things before they release them.


    You sley me too. lol.


    Wow, Typepad is really good if it knows to rip out the post about the hat you ripped.


    Oh, my. To add to Joan's weirdness - I knew her post had disappeared from her site, but it still showed up, in full, on bloglines. So I got to read it even though it had technically vanished.

    Seanna Lea

    Heck, I'm not even sure about the new compose. It seems a lot slower (it can't keep up with my typing speed, which is fast even if it isn't Norma-level fast) and selecting text is super-duper slow. I try to go into the post body and copy the content before hitting save at least for the more complicated posts just in case....


    Isn't 6Apart fun? They are famous for taking things live before they are ready and "trying to fix" things after the fact.

    I'm hoping you complained. A lot.



    Yup yup yup love that new typepad upgrade. Had me screaming for it trying to ruin namoblopo.

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