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    Sunday, October 26, 2008


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    That is one cute mitten. I can't wait to knit my own!


    Really, really gorgeous Norma. A fabulous idea, executed beautifully by both you and Miriam.


    Oh yeah, loving those mittens, thanks again to your brilliant idea and to Miriam for her brilliant pattern. Look at those colours, and textures, the bag, the mittens (both layers) and that gorgeous touch of lace. Such a visual treat. You are one stylin' woman.

    Teresa C

    Great mittens!

    It's the slow down in the gardening, that's why you are knitting and documenting so much. Never bored is Norma.

    Jakki Mitch

    Luv the mitts! I'm thinking I need some of these!!


    They *are* like Mary Jane's for mittens! Absolutely gorgeous, Norma. Great photos too. God, I love Autumn.


    I'm casting on for these today! The pattern is so cute and yes the title of "Mary Jane's for mittens" is very fitting. These are going to be a gift for my daughter who is study abroad in Germany this semester. She will look so classy wearing them.


    Ooohhh...I just LOVE these mittens! Very cool!


    I can't help myself, whenever I hear about frost and pumpkins, this old saying screams in my brain (which is something said to me every fall by a guy I was with for about 8 years)... "when the frost is on the punkin', it's time for dinky dunkin'" Leave it to a guy, eh? OK, had to go google this, and it seems it is part of a four season theme...always time for doing the deed...
    When the weather's hot and sticky,
    That's the time for dunkin' dicky.
    When the frost is on the pumpkin,
    That's the time for dicky dunkin'
    When the snow is white and twinkly
    That's the time to watch the winky
    As the buds turn into blossoms,
    That's the time for plowin' bottoms.


    That mitten cozy is adorable--and it would work over gloves, too!

    marie in florida

    fall color; here in Florida we get that in spring.


    You could always sew a patch of shammy (chamois) to the palm of your mitten for extra grip. Get the stuff at the car-care store. You are gonna turn heads with that impeccable accessorizing. You look like a high-class magazine cover!


    SIGH. (that's a contented sigh, not one of the big dramatic varieties)
    So much that I love about this post. Mittens and fall color and pumpkins.


    I love the Mary Janes for your hands idea.

    But I am not knitting 4 mittens per gift.

    Therefore, I am buying those little stretchy cheap-o gloves on the street (the kind worn by runners and small children), and knitting Mary Janes for them.



    You have become one of those people!

    Love the mittens. Love the bag and the shawl and the go-togetherness of it all. Love!


    Oh I love those! Now, if I could only knit mittens without having a hole by the thumb ...tsk tsk. Another goal.


    These mittens are so freaking cool! ::goes to add to Rav queue::


    You may have frost on the pumpkins, but it snowed here today in Minnesota. I'm just glad it isn't cold enough to stick -- it was actually a weird combination of snow and rain. And, well, I don't like the cold part. I need me some Dimorphous Mittens. My fingers were far too cold outside today.


    Oh yes, such lovely mittens! And such wonderful photo styling, too. I've got to get me some of that Manos silk blend yarn. By the way, just what I needed, one more must-do project. But woman, you go right ahead and love those mittens, they look mahvelous!

    Alarming Female

    Brilliant is right! Why DID that girl ever change her name?

    I had a sneak peek at that mitten a couple of weeks ago when I taught a class at Blazing Needles. Tres bon!


    If I donated ages ago, am I still entered? I forget.

    Because what I really need right after a slight, shall we say, lapse of virtue at Rhinebeck is more yarn.


    I can hardly imagine being cold enough to wear TWO mittens but these are gorgeous Norma - really adorable and a wonderful collaboration between you and Miriam.

    It's wonderful to see you knitting again, too :)

    PS - I WANT that bag in that color SO.BAD.

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