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    Sunday, October 12, 2008


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    Looks like your mitten post is first. They are nifty!


    Congratulations on your first joint design!


    I just love it when you go all dog whisper-y on me and had to giggle about training the human.
    Congratulations to you and Miriam on the Dimorphous Mittens! I WILL be getting that pattern because, once again, you're right, I DO want to knit them, heh.

    Dave Daniels

    Those mittens are nothing short of fantastic! They look like Mary Janes for the hands. Cuteness.
    Ryan on a leash? Sounds like it has possibilities. :)


    The mittens are terrific - you had a great idea and Miriam is a wonderful designer - there was no way to lose on this one!


    Beeoootiful mittens! But how do you get the button done up on the second one?


    They turned out great! I had fun looking through colors of yarn with Mim and what she picked is wonderful. Very cute idea, Norma (and useful, too). We have snow today so they are just in time!!


    Love the mittens!
    Paula has a really good point....


    thrilled to have you in our fair Big Apple - the weather has been stupendous, yes?

    mittens are wonderful -


    I saw these on flickr yesterday and told her how freaking cool they were! How cool that YOU came up with the idea! You rock!

    Cheryl S.

    I saw Mim at the Great Basin Arts Festival with one of those mittens, and I practically squealed with delight. Then she told me it was a pattern she'd have for sale and I nearly peed my pants with anticipation. I didn't know they were your brainchild - that makes it even more wonderful!


    Paula and Elizabeth: Once you get them done up once, you can keep sliding the mittens on and off without unbuttoning the outer mitt. So you just need help once, or you could do up one, take it off, do up the other and then put the first back on.


    Seaming up on the way home? Ah, so you did take sweater pieces with you! No wonder you didn't have room for a camera!

    The mittens are great! Great idea on your part, great bringing it to life on Mim's -- great partnership. Kind of like Lennon & McCartney! I know it doesn't quite make up for the lovely lost mittens, but by being your very own in other ways, these mittens will be special too.

    Good luck with the human training. It takes a while. Looking forward to pictures of Mr J when feasible.


    Love the mittens!

    Looking forward to seeing the completed sweater and photos of Ryan on a leash.


    Love. Them. And you better bring pics of the grandpup to Rhinebeck, missy!


    Great mittens! You're geniuses! Off to buy the pattern now. (And the name is just perfect. Well done)

    Lee Ann

    With the keyhole, they should be Sexbomb Mittens.

    But that is just my opinion.


    Two-Layer Mitten... Norma you are going to save my cold hockey watching fingers. LOVE YOU!

    Jenn C.

    Those mittens are fabulous. I love the concept, and the execution is simply elegant.


    Love it, Norma!! What a great design.


    NORMA! Those mittens are fabulous! Wonderful collaboration!

    kelli ann

    the mitten pattern is just lovely. excellent work!



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