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    Thursday, September 18, 2008


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    I should post my photos of the Monkeys I'm doing up in that yarn. I love that colorway to bits! I just don't like how it makes me crazy with the inability to match a pair of socks or mittens.


    You knit?!


    She's knitting, she's knitting! Great color.


    Thanks you for posting the link to CART. I am interested and sorry I missed your past explanations. It's of interest to me and I'm at the stage, I would like a career many thanks.


    Is Yarn Envy one of the Seven Deadly Sins?


    Yarn Envy, Deadly Sin, HAHAH!
    I DO love those colours, I'm spinning some merino top from Lisa Souza, 'Sky Drama', has all those colours, happy sigh.


    Great colors - love the way it's shading!


    Very pretty! What's the yarn?

    Beth S.

    I *always* love your socks. And didn't you once maintain that you were just not a sock person?... ;-)


    You push a CART? Selling vegetables????
    Loving your sock. Imagine? Knitting a sock! (We have a roomie for Rhinebeck! Leigh is coming!)


    So here's a question that you might have some idea about... first the background, my friend teaches art history and some other related classes at Univ So. ME. She brought a stack of student essays, they were to write something about clothing in a photograph of their chosing. These were pretty universally HORRIBLE. What happened to being able to write?? I don't think I've ever read so much bad writing (never mind what they were trying to say, that was pretty bad too). One paper in particular may have been one of the three worst. Friend said, oh, that student is deaf, written English isn't her first language. I've been thinking about this... It was so so awful, I'm wondering if I misunderstood and any kind of English isn't her first language. Anyhow, I know a deaf blogger, and you'd not know it from her writing. So I'm wondering if in general the deaf folks you work with write exceedingly differently than hearing folks.


    Luff the sock. Now that I've finished my first pair (men's size 13) I wish I were knitting socks still, so I guess I'll start more. After I finish this dishcloth and the little teeny tiny bears, or maybe before I finish them.


    I love that colourway - I have had a pair on the needles since January this year - oops!

    Seanna Lea

    Yeah knitting! Must mean that fall is going to arrive soon!

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