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    Tuesday, August 05, 2008


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    Nope, not bored yet.

    (Besides, you're showing *knitting*! That's pretty novel these days. ;) )


    The scarf is very pretty, by the way.


    Who is that glamorous lady in the great earrings and stylish sunglasses?

    Ya know, you'd get more knitting done if you weren't off being a Butterfly who lunches. ;^)



    I am only slightly horrified that you do not bow before the Addis, my beloved needles. Love the scarf though. And you know, my next pair of socks is going to be striped merino/bamboo/nylon, thanks to you. That scarf looks great! Okay, maybe I should do the striped scarf thing, too. Hmm...


    I salute you for being a woman who makes do with what she has, and I think the scarf would indeed become you. Cookie will make short work of that beautiful gold yarn - you'll have a lovely Swallowtail in no time.


    Oh yes, give jam. It's made by you, too. You'll love the scarf more than she will. I am a little shocked that you're knitting again, but thrilled, too!

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Have you tried dipping the cranky Aero cable in boiling water for a minute or two? It teaches them a lesson (seriously, it relaxes the plastic's tension). I've never tried it on Aeros, but I've done this to other brands. I'm all for making what you have work for you...or else into the pot!


    Gorgeous scarf. Give her the jam instead!


    You crack me up! Elderberr GUM!!!


    Knit the poor student a scarf!
    If not this one, then knit again!
    We know you can knit
    and now we know you can knit lace
    and so you're committed.
    (Or we will have you committed, whatever...)


    So what's the thrill about blueberry hill? More grow beds? It's getting to be a habit with you, isn't it?
    And knitting! Waahoo!

    Evil Stacey

    Knitting? LACE!?!? Here? (just kidding!) That Cookie is something else with the Swallowtail. I think you may have a problem getting rid of us freaks. We like you. You're not people.


    I ordered a bunch of stuff from Norma's Favorite Store yesterday and forgot to order a mini bed for inside the greenhouse! (What would Norma plant for late fall if she had an unheated little greenhouse?) I'm with those who say Options needles, by the way, and you don't have to make a really large investment, ya know! They are my absolute favorite needles, although with something straight like a scarf, I still like my old Susan Bates gray things. Hate Denise with a passion.....


    Lace??? Norma??? my goodness, never thought I'd see that happening, but then again, Norma, you are a woman of many sides :)

    p.s. If you love those Denise needles, keep using them! My favorites are my vintage Marcia Lynn nylon circulars from the 50's.

    Cheryl S.

    Knitting! Knitting! I vote you keep the scarf. And the earrings are perfect with your hair and blouse.


    Nope, not lace knitting, but highly trained Lace Moths, not to be confused with their evil cousins who just eat yarn willy-nilly. Lace moths are basically your synchronized swimmers of the moth world, making nice even patterns on the ends of scarves and such for card-carrying non-lace knitters.

    marie in florida

    your garden is my vicarious garden. wish i could be there to help ya pull weeds. i have a book to recommend to you. "the Botany of Desire" by Michael Pollan. it's about a few plants and how they changed the world. apples, tulipss, maijuana and the potato. it's a breezy interesting read and i learned quite a lot.


    I have a bunch of that yarn in the same color and dye lot even. What would Cookie do if I sent it to her? Worlds largest Swallowtail maybe?


    There I was, innnocently reading blogs when it happend. A link to a garden supply site where stuff is on sale. Raised beds will be mine. I told them to put it on Norma's tab, K? Seriously, I didn't even get the part about blueberries or rainbarrels. Just as well.


    Can't get rid of me that easy (bad grammar and spelling come naturally for some). Looks like lace to me:)

    Beth S.

    Knitting! Yay! :-) :-) :-)

    Keep the scarf if you like it that much (and I can see why you do!) I'm sure there's something else in your stash that your student will love. Or, failing that, the beets... ;-)


    I don't think you should knit for her. NO ONE loves your knitting like you do. Really. A GAP scarf will keep her as warm. Give her jam. Right from y our heart but not your needles. I'm serious.
    I love the bay laurel in the pot! LOVE! It is a perfect fit!
    Cookie will LOVELOVELOVE that yarn. xo


    Hmmmm, I have LOTS of needles, LOTS I say. And my Denise needles (two sets) are in use almost all the time. The 13s and 15s are perfect for bulky yarns and slide so nicely. There is nothing better for doing a Bordhi mobius either. I also have Knit Picks and love them absolutely to pieces too. No need for the oh so expensive Addis in my house.

    I don't do summer, everything out there either burns me or makes me itch and sneeze. I garden vicariously through your blog and I must say we are being quite productive this year.

    Enjoy the butterflying, it will be "back to work" in no time.


    Does Ann Etsy? I am an earring addict, totally! Love all those earrings that were on her blog. I might just have to get some blueberry bushes going here. They've become my favorite fruit this summer, I just can't get enough of them! And Jessie's yarns are gorgeous. I purchased one awhile back but have yet to cast on for another pair of socks as I want to finish the ones I'm currently knitting. I also have Denises and love them, however I scored some "old fashioned" slippery metal needles at a garage sale this weekend--a whole container's worth for $4--hope I can get used to knitting with them, even not they're pretty enough to look at :)

    Dani B

    Haven't you boiled your aeros? One pot just off the boil, dip cords in til pliable, then straighten. Not only takes the packaging kinks out, seems to make them more pliable generally (or is that just me?). Possibly one of the best knitting tips anyone ever gave me!


    If your bay is happy, it will grow very quickly. I bought a sprig about 3-4 years ago and the plant is now over 3 feet high and has bushed out into a half-dozen branches. Next Spring when it is time to repot, just give it the biggest honking pot you can find and let it grow! I love my bay!


    Ok, so your knitting finally got me back to commenting on your blog. Love the veggies, but I'm SO not a gardener. It's such a pretty beginning, and I think you should definitely keep it. The scarf that is (and the garden, too.)

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