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    Thursday, May 22, 2008


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    I'm generally not a fan of vests, but, woof!


    Ooh...this reminds me. I meant to ask do you know when garlic (and other roots and bulbs) are ready to harvest? I mean...since they're hidden under the dirt and all.


    I wish my garden were further along, but I'm just so happy to have one again. I made my own bean tuteurs the other day with skinny little bamboo stakes ($1.97/half dozen) and cotton twine from the Homo Despot.

    To answer cari's question, the garlic scapes (flower heads) should be broken off when they start curling (before the flowers open)so that energy can go into bulb production. Then the bulbs can generally be dug up when close to 50% of the foliage has turned brown, give or take a little bit. Other root crops? You just have to dig one up periodically to see how it looks. Or at least that's how I do it.


    I love your heirloom lettuces! I myself have been growing heirloom lettuce mixed seeds since the winter (spring) and I love them. I find that lettuce is remarkably easy to grow (much to my amazement)! The variegated ones are my favorites. :)


    Are we going to hear more about that menage a trois with the new physical therapist?


    I'd love the have some of the spinach and anything else from your garden...damn you're so far away!
    It snowed a foot at Snowbird yesterday...we're back in winter mode, too. Socks on, furnace's the shits.

    Mary K. in Rockport

    I'm with ya on the Jared admiration. Every single thing is yummy.


    Ahhh - you had me in stitches with 3 and 4. Thanks for the Thursday morning chuckle.


    Yes, he can knit. And he takes a pretty damn good photograph, too.


    gasp... would ya lookit' those lily of the valley... whump.... so sweet.
    heh, Jared's vest, I was wondering if you were going to mention that, and yeah, EVERYTHING he knits and puts out there, be still my beating heart. Mercy.

    Marcia  Cooke

    Well, first, there is Jared.....I have an incredible urge to knit a striped vest! Then there is your yard guy...I'll post a picture later for you A.W. " That place" sent me one of your Grow Beds (the mini, for inside the greenhouse), no problemo. Finally, again with the %$#@ mosaic! I need to do one today and can't get the fooking thing to work. Tease.


    I'm glad something is making people turn to gardening, reconnecting with where food actually comes from and perhaps enjoying what real food is supposed to taste like. We've made a bunny baffle to cover one of the raised beds out of 2x2's and chicken wire. Works a treat.
    BTW- I drove 6 miles down I-95 going 55mph trying to control the gas usage. I thought I was going backwards.
    Off to the fainting couch after seeing those Brooklyn Tweed photos...

    Cheryl S.

    Love the garden photos! Unfortunately, due to my recent travels, all I have in the garden are some peas and spinach, and TONS of weeds... guess I've gotta get planting!


    Hypervegetablemia, ha! Yay, garden photos! I can't wait for the local markets to open so I can get some scapes, mmmmm... Good luck at the gym with your young hot PT!


    Oh, yeah.... eat lots of fresh grated ginger for your shoulder. Helps with inflammation.


    Hypervegetablemia. What happens when you plan two zucchinis. How can you tell someone has no friends at all? You see them in the grocery store in August, buying zucchini.

    Yes, that young man certainly can knit! And the photos are professional quality. Awedome!

    Have fun with the PT.


    I knew you meant Jared before I clicked. I am so with you on the Jared-love. Thanks for the name of the over-vegetable-itis, too. I knew there was an official name somewhere...


    Hurrah for garden pictures!

    I like your new approach to testing the captioning setup. :)


    Nothing like a good old fashioned threesome to get you feeling better. Good for you.

    I saw that vest yesterday and wondered if I could talk what's his name into wearing a vest. Since it's a sexy looking vest, I might be able to.


    I'm totally in love with your garden.

    I hope that by the time Lucy is two -- well, I hope that by then there will be another baby on the way, and that we will be able to afford a house. Not a freaking condo, but a house, even if it has a yard the size of a postage stamp.

    Hmph. :)


    Which reminds me, I need to plant some herbs... the weather is supposed to improve this weekend. Not for planting, but for everything else.

    Seanna Lea

    Fook yes! I saw the latest BT this morning and was just about drooling. Even when I knit something really good, it never feels as polished as the things I see on his site.


    That man makes me want to steek.

    I feel like that ought to be followed up by a "nudge nudge, wink wink..."! He sure does knit a mean stitch. I am pretty certain my man wouldn't wear a vest, but perhaps I'll show him this one as a suggestion? And I'll offer to take multitudes of photographs. Oh wait. That might make it worse...


    Yes on BrooklynTweed. It also isn't fair that he has a perfect demo body for what he knits.

    Your garden shots are covetous. I'm sure I used that incorrectly, but you get the idea.


    I wish I had a green thumb.....


    Brooklyn Tweed? He sometimes makes me feel like hanging up my needles. Nothing ever looks frumpy or lumpy. The colors are beautiful, the designs classic and cool, the technique impeccable. And he spins!

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