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    Sunday, February 10, 2008


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    My Mac laptop has a built in camera with all sorts of effects like that. It can be addictive!

    Sally Villarreal

    Nice! And I remember life "pre-microwave." Also remember life "pre-VCR."

    Alarming Female

    Learn something new every day.


    Oh...I have resisted "playing" at flickr but your pics look gorgeous!! Very Andy Warhol :)


    Not pre-microwave, but I remember when the 14.4 modem was BLAZING FAST, so the relative slowness of Flickr doesn't even register in my mind (unless it's being REALLY slow, which is more likely my connection.) I'm almost 23, and questions such as "what's a floppy disk?" makes me feel older than dirt.


    Ah, how quickly we swing over to the dark side...

    And now how long will it take for me to load anyone's blog...which is already painfully my living on the back side of technology with absolutely no broadband in sight and having to go sit outside on a moss-covered rock to nick the neighbor's albeit dodgy satellite service so that I don't need to spend the majority of my day waiting for photos to load...sigh...

    Enjoy your Flickr. :-)


    Dude. Flickr is awesome. Although, I know my thesis blog is one of those infernally slow loaders because it's made up almost entirely of large photos hosted on Flickr. But hell, Flickr's so much cheaper than what I'd pay for bandwidth if I hosted those cows on my own site.

    Or maybe you just need a faster computer? ;)

    Remember the whole scare when microwaves first started appearing in lots of homes, about how pregnant women shouldn't stand too close in case they cooked their babies? Hah.


    It's the Norma Worhol show! Very cool indeed! How quickly we forget. BM? Definitely. Now I stand in front of them thinking "Hurry up!"


    Oh, my - we're on the same (micro)wavelength today - check out my post today for a few guffaws!


    I can't help it but I feel all smug. The kind of "I told you so" smug.
    Sure, it's not pretty. But it is.


    Can you believe it? I still have my first monster microwave -- a monster Amana that just.won't.die -- 23 years. Now I'll BE old and say, "They don't make 'em like they used to!"

    Cute portrait -- love the Warholizer.


    I don't link to Flickr photos on my blog -- I just upload them from my computer. I do upload them to Flickr, but later, after I'm through tweaking them. Am I weird?

    I didn't have a microwave till about 1990. Didn't have color TV till about 1985, either. Wait, I guess I *am* weird!


    I nearly fell out of my chair. Norma and Flickr! Nice work.


    this is SO fabulous!
    Welcome to the fabulous flickr world!


    Norma, you are SOOO cute! and add in a Beauty, love the Worholizing!
    ..sigh... I remember life before 8 track tapes! yeah. dinoaur.

    Heather G.

    I am almost 27 years old, and my mom is still using her first microwave, and it outdates me! It cooks on three modes (combination, convection, and microwave) so on the right mode, you can even put metal in there... She sent it away to be fixed recently and the big empty spot on her cupboard was hard to bear.


    I not only remember pre-microwave, I remember preVCR, prePC and pre-color television. My parents were late adopters of most everything (I suppose I come by my Luddite, late adopter behavior honestly.) Given that tendency, I'm still not sure how we wound up with an original IBM PC in the first year it came out. But it was fun - no hard drive, only a pitiful amount of RAM, and the only game was text mode only.


    Dad gave mom her first microwave the year they gave me my first stereo/turntable unit, with an 8-track player! :) We gave that microwave, still in working condition, to my aunt in one of moves because at one point we had three as each house my mom has moved into came with one, then we had mom's first and my first - hers with a dial timer, mine with push button.

    I only occasionally notice a slowness in loading blogs with Flickr. Perhaps my expectations are lower. :)


    Well thank you so much Norma for introducing me to yet another time suck. I have flickr, tons of pics out there, and had no idea I could do things like warholize them. As for slow... since switching from dial-up (gads!), I don't notice TOO much. As for life BM? Our first and only microwave still sits in the breezeway, we go outside to use it! And I remember life before push button phones. And the museum of science display in boston where you could see how long it took to dial a number with the rotary phone versus the push button. And I remember life when you got 'computer cards' at college registration, so the computer could read the punch outs. BUT even so, you're older than me... nyah nyah nah boobooo (but only by, like, maybe a year). :)


    Before microwave? Hell, I remember Before Dinosaurs.

    Well, actually, pre-microwave, PC, -8-track, -pushbutton phone, -color TV. Amazing I'm still stalking the earth, really.

    Marcia Cooke

    Hmm, I'm so prehistoric you don't want to KNOW what I remember! (How about watching JFK in his first bid for the VP nomination at a Democratic convention in black and white on a Zenith cabinet model....Ike and Tricky Dick won that election and I was maybe six. And we still had a 2-party phone line.) I like the Warhol thing, though!


    Very cool!

    Cheryl S.

    The photos are great! You're so clever, and cute too! I remember being impressed at being able to easily reheat leftover lasagna in the microwave, instead of my usual method of steaming it. My mother's first Amana Radarange was probably my favorite one out of all I ever used. I loved just having a dial to spin instead of punching in numbers. I also remember the first moonwalk, and (just barely) JFK's assassination.

    Rachel H

    I actually remember the trip to the store to get our first microwave. It was That Big A Deal.


    Microwaves were brand new when I was in college. My roommate's mom was so excited because she could keep reheating her cup of tea!


    I remember life pre-plastic wrap. We had corningware glass dishes with matching lids for leftovers, and things like little shower caps to cover bowls. Mom never threw anything away, so when there was just a dab of something left, she wrapped it in tinfoil. The fridge was full of tiny, mysterious silver packets, quietly fermenting away . . .


    Oh yeah?? Well, I grew up without a refrigerator OR a television.


    Oh yeah?? Well, I grew up without a refrigerator OR a television.


    Look at you go with that flickr madness!

    I remember when that first microwave moved in. It was this massive black thing with dials and my mother was afraid of it.


    Living in the woods, there's is nothing but dial-up in sight. Hell, even the satellite tv has problems with the trees...

    Wanna' hear old? I can remember when they were called tele-copiers (instead of fax) and you had to put each sheet on a cylinder that revolved! My employer had one of the three machines in Hartford CT. My first political knowledge was mother & daddy rooting for Ike in his first election.

    You better respect me, dearie! I'm older than dirt :)




    My grandmother still has a working microwave with a dial and a non-digital timer! It's as old as the original Star Wars! It still works too. But I'm glad I'm past the reproducing phase of my life, cause I bet that sucker irradiates my uterus everytime I visit her.
    I remember when my hubster got his first post-college job paycheck. We rushed right out to buy a VCR. Then we had to decide if we wanted beta or VHS. Oh what a conundrum!
    Then we have my son. He had an absolutely dry sense of humor by the age of 7. He'd suddenly pause, at a cliff-hanger moment in Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog, turn oh-slowly toward me, wrinkle his nose, raise one eyebrow then snort--"Pong, phhht."


    Norma Warhol!
    I am SO not old (read carefully, very different from "not so old", and yet somehow I remember life before microwave, life before dishwasher (WO!), life (barely) before color TV.

    I remember our first microwave, and my grandmother not believing us when we told her to turn the dial (!) to a minute to reheat her hamburger patty (probably was the RadaRange) -- she put it to 4 minutes instead and it was smokin'!

    My husband talked me into some sort of faster net connection a couple years ago, and am I ever glad he did.

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