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    Saturday, February 09, 2008


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    Maybe you could buy some of the yarn and knit a baby blanket or a simple shawl and donate it in her name? At any rate it's a terrible story; I wish you peace.


    Sorry there's some gray in your day. At least you're busy with some of the toys of the trade.


    The trekking Zitron cover looks so real that I was planning to buy the book. You are good!


    Made me cry.
    Loving your flickr tools. Lots of fun they are. So is flickr, hives and all.


    Fantastic photos....and yeah, weeping a bit here also... wishing you peace, Norma.



    Incredibly sad. I'd think it would be very hard to be there also.



    I do occasionally use flickr photos in my blog but only when I create a mosaic or something. Forgive me?


    Sock is looking gooooooood, lady. Love the sweet pic of dear Vincent - I'll scritch my critters' ears in fond remembrance for ya.


    I still don't get the flickr thing. Surprised?

    Have some chocolate. Remember you are loved and get your ass to the gym. *hugs*




    That is an extra-special-cute picture of Vincent.


    Oh, lump in the throat at that last one. Vincent is wondering if he really needs to go out in that and can he come back in the warm house now, it looks like.

    I was emotionally ambushed Wednesday night. Kinda like that picture just did. We were singing a new song out of the new hymnal at church that we were told we had never sung before; except while singing it, suddenly I wasn't in Wisconsin, I was at my great-uncle's funeral in Maryknoll, New York, singing through tears and the lump in my throat. And suddenly tears were running down my face in the middle of the hymn. I guess that song was part of Uncle Jim's funeral, there is no way on earth I could have told you that, but the emotional part of my brain sure knew. Ambush. Wow.

    Gray skies, got 'em here too, but with snow coming out of them, more than the flurries they promised, and back to subzero tonight. I am getting tired of subzero. Subzero sucks. And I'm tired of taking Saturday Sky pictures that all look just the same. The socks look like a good antidote for gray, though!

    (I just realized -- I try not to whine too much on my blog -- so what do I do? I come over here and whine on your blog comments!! WTF?? *) Thanks for letting me!
    (*Which I probably wouldn't say on my blog because my 9-year-old might see it and ask me what it meant!)



    Loved all of the pics. I can not bring myself to go the Gwen Yarn spectical. It would be too sad. But the pics, Lady. Love what you do with your camera. Vincent is just so damn cute in that pic! love ya!


    Oh, Vincent. So touching to see his little face in this post.


    Sounds like a melancholy kind of day... Bonney has a great sentiment--hopefully Gwen's yarns will go towards wonderful things.

    Beth S.

    Your Trekking sock looks SO GOOD! I guess you and the yarn are simpatico now, huh? :-) But damn, I think I need to buy a skein of my own...


    Oh Norma...I shed a tear for you on this day.
    You did all of that on Flickr. I'm a Flickr slacker and need to go play, too!!


    Flickr tools? Who knew.

    The picture of Little Vincent tugs at my heart. Such a wonderful little doggy and such a wonderful life he had.


    awww...Vincent...what a great picture.


    you need to use the flickr-uploader. makes uploading a breeze.

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