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    Sunday, February 03, 2008


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    Frost. Good choice. Been a long time since I've read him, and not really a poetry fan except for him and Poe.

    Makes sense to me!


    I'm looking at a photo of Frost right now, at Kennedy's inaugural ball, with talking to two young women.


    Lovely pendant, and thoughtful post! I swore off poetry when I stopped teaching it, but for Frost, I make an exception. (Maybe Emily Dickinson, too...)

    Ann Rose

    My mother always loved "Birches," so every time I see it, I feel like she's near. I favor Wallace Stevens' "The Snow Man" for its similar spirit of contemplation -- and its brevity.

    Mary de B

    Great! I love this line: (Now am I free to be poetical?)




    And salty.


    That's one of my favorite poems! And there is something about birch trees that I have always been drawn to. Not to wear them around my neck, but to plant one in my yard! :D
    Love your necklace. Such a simple word for such an important piece!


    O'Norma, this has always been a favourite of mine, thank you. LOVE the necklace, it must've cast a spell on me also, it was several minutes before I could take my eyes away.....


    Love your necklace. Love birch trees, too. Please tell me you don't know that by heart. Here's a poem since I don't have a blog:

    Why I Wake Early

    Hello, sun in my face.
    Hello, you who make the morning
    and spread it over the fields
    and into the faces of the tulips
    and the nodding morning glories,
    and into the windows of, even, the
    miserable and the crotchety--

    best preacher that ever was,
    dear star, that just happens
    to be where you are in the universe
    to keep us from ever-darkness,
    to ease us with warm touching,
    to hold us in the great hands of light--
    good morning, good morning, good morning.

    Watch, now, how I start the day
    in happiness, in kindness.

    --Mary Oliver


    I didn't know about silent poetry day, so I can't even show up late =) I love your necklace. It's really beautiful!


    Thanks for offering one of my favorite poems about my favorite trees. A stand of birch trees takes my breath away and quiets my soul. Your necklace is lovely...enjoy wearing it.


    Beautiful necklace and certainly a bewitching stone. The birch are very clear in your photo, they are very intrigueing.


    There are a half dozen ancient birches who live across the street. I love them so much that I don't even mind raking up their leaves to put on my gardens.

    Love the shale. You know how I feel about rocks.


    Mmm. I miss birch-aspen forests. Thanks for the reminder of why I love them.

    Cheryl S.

    I too, thought of birches by a lake when I saw the stone. Beautiful!


    Lovely piece. My first thought was of my beloved white birch. Not a home without them.

    elizabeth a airhart

    thank you norma
    the frost poem is so moveing

    this is just part of a poem by harry vaughn
    they are all gone
    into the world of light
    and i alone sit
    lingering here
    thier very memory
    is fair and bright
    and my sad thoughts doth clear

    now on to archives from this day

    Beth S.

    That's one of my favorite Frost poems too. Wonderful stuff. And I see the birches in the stone as well! You are lucky to own that piece.


    The necklace is beautiful! And who couldn't love Robert Frost? He's incredible...


    Oh, birches! {sob} I miss Moscow! The poet Sergei Esenin is known for his poems about birch trees. (See the third poem on this page


    At least you pick real poems. Mine would most surely start with, Roses are red...

    Marcia Cooke

    That necklace is spectacular! I was also only slightly aware of the poetry thing and was going to post one of my son's poems, late, but I couldn't find it. And he probably would have killed me.


    I remember being in Weathersfield, VT in the fall and driving through some birch woods on a sunny day. It was completely blue sky and gold leaves everywhere, and with the white trunks, it was completely captivating.


    Sheepish Annie

    That necklace is lovely! I'm always kind of surprised when a piece of stone starts "speaking" to me...but sometimes they do.

    Tressa in NC

    Pretty necklace . . . I can see the birch trees! And Frost is also one of my favorites.


    The necklace is exquisite. More importantly is the fact that you see and feel a connection to it, which has inspired you. I love that.

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