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    Saturday, January 26, 2008


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    I would have killed the pompom too. Go Abigail!


    That was very cute! It took me just a minute to figure out that I was to scroll down to photos (a sure sign of impending idiocy that I sat and looked at a nonexistent youtube movie for about 27 seconds). Oh, and nice hats...


    Love the theme music :) Those two are just to darn cute, and the hat is lovely :)


    Oh wow... awesome blog entry. I'm impressed, both with that and the hat(s). Go Norma!


    ok first... that was an AMAZING post. wow.

    second, i am really starting to love those kids! when they become famous, i'm gonna tell everyone i was a fan of theirs from WAY back, man. back in the central park/hat days.


    You rock, Norma! What the hell. I'm in a major content slump at the moment, and here you come with this brilliance. I want to hate you, but it's impossible. WTF!


    Heh...Pink Panther Theme always a fun one but those girls! That was outstanding... as is Abigail's hat! Yep, fun post!


    You crack me up! And so do they!

    Lisa in Georgia

    Love this post - oh, the drama in Central Park! Love the hats, but I do prefer the pompomed one. Sweet.


    That Abigail is a tricksy one. Poor Ryan. I wish the gig on ATWT had worked out.


    Oh, I watched the pink panther themed movie for 42 seconds before I got it. This is not to be a movie by Ryan and Ab. And I was thinking, good beginning, building suspense. Great, building curiosity. long! OH!
    It's about time that girl got her own hat.
    Did Ryan collect any money while holding that sign?


    The music was just classic! That Abigail of yours is good at twists! ;)


    THanks for the giggle this morning (accompanied by great theme music!)
    Those two....
    (shakes head and laughs)


    Smart grrl!!

    Marcia Cooke

    Too funny....but great hat, with or without!


    This is SUCH a great series.... those wacky kids!


    That's the first blog entry that I've read that has its own musical score. Very impressive!


    NowNormaProduces2 Playing at a computer near you.


    Nicely done. Give those kids their own show!




    That was precious. Those kids are too darned cute!


    Thank you, thank you.

    I accept donations in the form of money. Or chocolate. Or chocolate money, but. Good luck trying to find that.


    Hey, Abigail! What about gelt? :p

    Great post, Norma. I can't wait for the third installment.


    Lol. There are eight million stories in the naked city. These are two of them.

    Chocolate money? Easy - chocolate coins or chocolate gelt!


    Lol. There are eight million stories in the naked city. These are two of them.

    Chocolate money? Easy - chocolate coins or chocolate gelt!


    Oops. Sorry about the comments hiccup.


    Yeah, yeah. You think you're SO smart, Cookie. :P OOOH! That sounds great! I will also accept payment in the form of cookies.


    Hahaha, very cute!! Encore, Encore... oh, wait... it *is* Encore... doing an ENCORE! That Abigail, she's a quick one with the snip-snip, twists and turns!!

    Nice work, Norma, keeping those kids' -- um, I mean ACTORS' -- heads warm!


    What a gift it is to have creative people in one's life -- Abigail, Ryan, and you! Awesome post!

    Dave Daniels

    I knew she was smart. I think he's an out of work actor because people saw him with the pompom. Just a theory...
    (Yes, I'm still sick, and now cranky.)

    Sally Villarreal

    This has to be the best FO post EVER!!!!


    Too cute! So creative. I look forward to seeing more. :)


    How much do they charge for modeling things in Central Park? They are SO apppealing!

    Great hat, by the way.


    Okay I must be having a slow really don't want to know how many times I watched the first Youtube video thinking I missed something...LOL! very cute!!


    I love the way you put it to music. Very clever Norma. I like the pom. Not many guys can pull off the pom...and he does it quite nicely!


    Oh ho ho! That was great! Very entertaining. Congrats on the finished hat!


    Love the music!
    Love the actors...
    like the hat a lot too....


    Bravo! lol.


    LOL!!! very cute :)


    They should put up a joint blog of picture drama posts... it would so be a hit!!

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