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    Tuesday, December 11, 2007


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    Well, it's a good thing I still don't have a car CD player. I can tell my teenaged relatives to stop scoffing at me; I merely knew here was something better coming, even if I did have to wait 23 years.


    I knew you just needed the break.

    Teresa C

    It is always something.


    Does your library have the new "play away" recorded books? They actually come with the recorder as part of the recording so you don't need ANY extra equipment.


    Yes, knitting is civilized. Hey Carole, that's a cool thing to know.


    I'm knitting on Bryspuns now, and I'm just "meh" about them. They're too grabby for my taste. But, to each his (or her) own, right?

    mary lou

    I have only a tape deck in my car. BUT for about $9 I got a gadget that plugs the ipod into the tape deck. A rare occasion where there is a less expensive solution for older technology. And Bryspuns? Eh.


    Try You can download two books a month for about $30. We love it. They go right on your IPod or you can burn them to CD. I love listening to books when I knit. Dick Hill has narrated a lot of Connelly books.


    Try your DVD player. Often they will play CD's and MP3's. No need for more equipment.


    Thank goodness the MPAA hasn't talked yarn companies into putting digital rights management software on yarn! We'd all be really screwed if we could only use certain yarns with certain patterns and needles!

    Judith in NYC

    I luuuuuuurvve Bryspuns. I like that they are warm, pointy and light, all very good for this old, tight knitter's hands.

    Hey, Norma, I know you look so hot in your new jeans and in your red top, but Harry Bosch has been my imaginary boyfriend for 15 years now (I was with him when it all started) so hands off, sistah. Do you have an image of how he looks? I think he looks like a Michael Connelly with a little bit of Robert De Niro and Denzel Washington thrown in. As you can see, I have thought a lot about Hieronymus Bosch.

    No advise on the MP3 as I am somewhat a Luddite (except that I adore my little Mac).


    This is my first time commenting and this is a really random geeky post. I remember hearing from a long time ago that you could break the CD protection by drawing a black line with a felt tip marker along the edge of the cd. A little google hunting later:,39024663,11035293,00.htm

    This article however notes that upgrades of CDs makes this hack impossible to do.

    A less permanent method another article also suggests is to put a piece of tape on the edge of the CD.

    All of this is moot seeing how you already bought a CD player. Oh well. Sorry I couldn't be of more help sooner.

    Marcia Cooke

    I gave all my Bryspuns to Shelley (mymountainhome) and she loves them. I'm a bamboo girl, myself.


    I hate the new Bryspun dpns (it looks to me like those are the ones you have). But the old ones . . . ahhhhh, perfect.


    I've never tried Bryspun needles. I've seen them around but I haven't ever bought a pair.

    I love, love, love I checked and they have the books you are talking about. You can download the books multiple times and there's no problem putting them on your ipod or burning them to CD or whatever.

    You can buy this thing for your ipod that plugs into the cigarette lighter thing and it sends a little radio signal to your car radio, thus allowing you to listen to your ipod through the car stereo. You just have to find a channel that no one in your area is broadcasting on. I have one for car trips and it is the best thing ever! It's sort of hard to use in Chicago because there's something broadcasting on most channels, but when I get out on the open road, there's no problems finding an empty channel.


    I haven't tried bryspuns in a while...the ones I had were horribly annoying. Are yours --ahem--older?

    Andrea (noricum)

    I think I would have tried taking it back and bitching anyway, saying it wouldn't play.


    I love Michael Connelly's books, and the Harry Bosch character in particular. But not audio. I want the physical book in my hands, preferably while I'm soaking in a tub full of hot sudsy water. I can't get past the disjoint between what my mind tells me the characters sound like and what the reader sounds like.


    I loved my Bryspun dpns. Then they all snapped in half on me. Now they are dead to me. It's all Brittanies and bamboo now, baby.


    I have only one Bryspun, a circ that I bought because it was the only thing I could find that was the size I needed (2.75 mm). I hate the cord and now have a KnitPicks circ in that size that I use instead. And I love Audible, too, also books on CD from the library. and, for free downloadable books (although I should caution you that the readers on Librivox are volunteers and may switch throughout the book, and have widely varying skill levels).


    Bryspuns are my go-to needles for cables. Don't you love those long "flexible tips"?


    I have a set of 3.00 mm Bryspun Bry-Flex DPNs that I loathed using. They are yours if you want them!

    Joan in Reno

    I love Audible and my ipod, too. There is always some kind of adapter to use for the car and I got some little speakers that plug into the ipod for the house.


    I hate Bryspuns. I wish I'd known you like them -- I'd have shipped 'em all to you, postage paid. I do still have a couple pairs of straights, and those are great. Except they melt if you leave them in the car in the summer. So I have three nice straights, and one wilty one. I like that, actually. It's entertaining.

    Lee Ann

    That's et the fuck cetera ostie, sweetie. :-)

    Lee Ann

    P.S. I have two sets of Bryspun straights and I loathe them. You can have them if you want. They, uh, make me swear too much....

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