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    Wednesday, December 12, 2007


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    What's the suggested gauge on the ball band? How about Cashmerino or Cashsoft Chunky? Takhi Bunny?


    Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca worsted is extremely soft as is Prime Alpca which is closer to a sportweight. Both come in white and neither makes my forehead itch at least when I hold them up to it for a few minutes (though most things do - Frog Tree for example is too itchy for hats or scarves for me).


    Yarns with alpaca and silk mixed with wool are also very soft. One with 30% angora in it would also be affordable and extremely soft and warm....

    I vote that it has to be white since that is how he picked it out. I don't envy you the dilemma!


    How about Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran -- comes in white. (I used the DB Cashmerino for my husband's watch cap.) I've used RYC Cashmerino for a few things and it's nice. So, is Takhi Savoy, which is merino silk.


    I don't have great yarn suggestions but I like Kathy's ideas.

    elizabeth a airhart

    could you use baby yarn good old softy
    non wool **** double it**i made my
    pink scraf from baby yarn in rib
    soft no itch and hats use smaller needles
    webs has a good sale i bought a box
    of leaders non wool for 2. 29 a ball
    but i would go with baby yarn


    Royal alpaca from Blue Sky might do it. I don't know if it comes in white. Or the Cashmerino is a GREAT idea.


    Are you kidding? Ask me and I'll say cotton. I know, same as wearing no hat up there ;) You'll find something!


    what about Classic Elite Lush? it is very, very soft


    and I think the gauge is right and it comes in white.


    line it with microfleece?


    We have yarn shops in here in Utah...we can shop!


    Plymouth Encore Chunky! It's soft, it's machine washable, and despite being 75% acrylic, feels nice and woolly.


    Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted is very soft. I'm knitting the Koolhaas hat (IK Mag Holiday 07) for my daughter right now from it. It has good stitch definition but like I said, it is very soft. I really like it - it has a 'Malabrigo feel' to it but it's not a single ply. I'm amazed that the blog world says so little about this yarn. I guess there is a lot of competition in the Worsted world. It does come in a natural color. Would that be white enough?
    I got mine at Yarn Market:


    Have you looked on Ravelry to see what other people have used? I just did a quick search, and there are 39 variations to look at.

    Several people mentioned that as written the cables and ribs don't line up, so you may want to rework that. It's a great hat ... hmmmm. Maybe I should make one as a stocking stuffer for Her Ladyship?


    Have you forgotten how to line a hat with fleece? You don't even have to line the whole hat. Just the bottom would do.

    Dave Daniels

    Um...being a guy here (Yes, I *DO* play a guy in the real world!)...does he really KNOW he wants a white hat? Maybe he really wants an ivory colored hat? Or natural? But, white? White-white? It's a little...Oh, I don't know...un-butch? Hey, if it's from you, he's gonna love it no matter what. And, does he really want to mimic BP? Ew, that's just gross.

    mary lou

    Misti Alpaca worsted comes in white. The softest yarn I know.

    Teresa C

    I'm with the cashmerino aran as Gillian is the same way with the scratchiness, totally a minus something, and the hat I made for her out of cashmerino dk is very wearable for her.


    I think the cashmerino suggestion is on the money, but if you want to try something else, you could look at Knitpicks Andean Silk which is alpaca and silk and comes in a cream color.

    Does he _really_ want that huge pom-pom on the top???? I gave my husband a hat with a very modest tassel on top and the tassel got "lost" very quickly.

    Also, in patterns I have read where the gauge measurement is over rib, it usually says "lightly stretched."


    maybe it's just an issue out here in the Pacific NorthWet, but I'd never make another hat out of Cashmerino. In the rain, it absorbed water til it was sopping wet, heavy, cold and stretched out, completely covering the wearer's head including face.


    He's cute. Well, a pure white hat is going to turn gray eventually anyway, right?!


    RYC Cashsoft is a good one. Plus Shokay Shambala (but it's not really white) or Rowan Calmer (but that makes a terrible pom pom). Have a look on Ravelry definitely! (p.s. please post pix of Ryan in that pom pom hat if you make it!)

    Cheryl S.

    HA HA HA... as soon as you said "pure white hat with a poofy ball on top", I knew exactly what pattern it was. The Valley Yarns Florence is worsted weight, so you've got endless choices. I don't think cashmerino would hold up all that well as a hat. I haven't used the Misti Alpaca, but I've felt it, and it's incredibly soft.

    Carrie has some lovely soft alpaca and alpaca/silk blends in their house brand. They have a new worsted called Incense that's wool/silk/bamboo, which might still be warm AND soft. There's also Pure Alpaca, worsted weight, or you could get a fingering weight and hold it double. I really really like the yarns I've tried from there.
    If not those, then what Ruth said: Ravelry it.


    I used KnitPicks Andean Silk -- alpaca and silk -- for one of my Red Scarves and thought it was lovely soft. Worsted weight and affordable.


    Been sprinklin' those dandelion leaves around, huh?

    I've been wanting to knit a beret for my BIL and the yarn I love is scratchy, too, so I bought some cashmere with the thought of knitting a lining for the brim -- any chance you could do some sort of variation on that theme?


    I made that hat (with a matching pair of mitts and a neck wrap) using Knit Picks Andean Silk (55% Alpaca, 23% silk, 22% wool). It's lovely soft and really warm and light.


    Oh, I forgot to include another thought in my last comment.
    The last hat I made with Knitpick's Telmark I lined it with Knitpick's Sport Shine. The Sport Shine was very soft. It does come in cream. The gauge wouldn't match but you could figure out a different stitch number for the lining.


    Line it, seriously. Make it with the original yarn and line it with some thin microfleece - white, of course.


    No new suggestions, except affirming Andean Silk (very soft, lightweight, very warm, nice to work with, and the wool gives it more resiliency/elasticity, a bit, than pure alpaca); and I've liked working with Cashsoft too, in a scarf. The Andean Silk went into a pumpkin hat for a child who didn't think it was at all scratchy.
    Also, Webs has Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran *on SALE* in a nice barely-off-white color. I have made that into a hat (for ME!) which is also extremely soft and unscratchy. My only caveat is that it's not quite as elastic as wool, and has grown slightly with lots of wear, but it's not ribbed. The pattern Ryan's picked should be OK in this yarn, I'd think.


    Oo! Oo! I know! I recently made a soft white hat! Although without a poofy ball at the top.

    I used one strand of Cascade Pastazza held together with a strand of Cascade 220, so it worked up super fast. The llama in the Pastazza kind of fluffed out over the strand of Cascade 220, so it's very pettable and soft.


    What would happen if you planned to make a lining with your lovely grey cashmere (it's the lining, needn't be white) and the exterior hat part out of the new yarn? But then, search for the perfect yarn with Margene. Seems like all bases would be covered.

    Seanna Lea

    Maybe you could line the hat and then it would be soft enough, or does he have problems even touching non-soft yarn? I mean, if he won't want to touch it to put it on his head that is a bigger problem than doesn't like to wear non-soft things.


    The boy wants a hat with a "poofy ball" on top? Oh my...

    I agree with Dave. Make sure he really means white. Good luck!


    I was going to recommend Cashsoft too. :)

    And hi you. Sorry I've been so damn busy. I don't want to be the mommy anymore.


    Cashsoft is my favorite yarn!! I vote for Cashsoft! Have fun in Utah hunny!


    Believe it or not, Knitpicks Swish is incredibly soft (*and* it comes in 2 weights). I've fallen in love with it :) Or you could whack the pom a bit (hmm, that sounded a tad suggestive). Cashmere tends to loosen up and bloom after washing. Maybe wash it and blow-dry it :)

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