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    Monday, December 10, 2007


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    You know, I was going to write "et voila" in my blog spot tonight, but now I'm glad I didn't. Folks would've just thought you were copying me.


    spot? I meant post. I so need to go to bed.


    Norma, those mittens are drop dead cute. Look up cute in the dictionary? Et Voila! There it is!
    Burn out, huh? Not a good sign. Good thing you are going to Utah this week, huh? If anyone can perk up a knitting love, it's THOSE people.


    Those aren't cute... they're ADORABLE! Thanks for the pattern link. I'm still laughing about the gym story. My gym is all female and I love it. I didn't expect to, but since there is no testoterone, it's a totally different feel.


    Super mittens! I'll be spending my day split between doing laundry and knitting mittens.


    I think mitten knitting is addictive!


    Maybe we should start knitting charity mittens in July. One a month until December and we'd have 6 to give away and no time crunch. Yeah, I know...we won't. Cute mittens!

    Marcia Cooke

    Why aren't you packing? You can knit on the plane! They are terribly cute mittens, though!


    Those are so cutie-pie.


    Such cute mittens!!!




    You are so dedicated to filling those quotas! I was just relieved to be done with the blankie-for-a-cause I finished Sunday night, though already planning how many leaves to make for the Tikkun Tree Project after the holidays... it's contagious, isn't it?

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