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    Sunday, December 09, 2007


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    Once again you prove just how obscenely smokin' hot you are!


    Imagine if you wore your new jeans :)


    Heck, show off a bit and wear it! Sounds like the come on lines made you feel good about yourself. Feeling good makes you want to work out more which makes you feel even better. Right? And, it'll bring out the protective side of your husband. *grin*


    Having that top in your, errr, arsenal, will be provide a great ego boost whenever you need one. What did David think of all this?


    well if you weren't so damn hot, you wouldn't have that man-all-over-you problem. and i can't even get a decent date. sheesh.


    Please tell me that "can I rub you down" is artistic license. Ew!


    "CAN I WIPE YOU DOWN"???? Someone actually SAID that?
    Oh, and is THIS the part where I lovingly call you a skank???? hahahaha . But never would I call you K. THAT is like death.


    I'm with Sandy... "Can I wipe you down"?!?!?!?!? seriously? why, just yesterday, I was talking with Bobby about the Soaring Eagles Project, for children in Oklahoma, and that you had reminded me (yes, I was shamefaced)... the conversation then lead to 'Norma this..and Norma that... and he's all 'wtf is it about Norma?' I laughed and said... Norma is an exceptional soul... plus she's very hot!
    Thanks for the bulky mitten pattern!


    Oh stop bragging! Nice mittens;-)


    Oh my . . . !


    Wow. I'm not sure ANY man has EVER offered to wipe the sweat off of me.


    Maybe the sweat offer was a gentle reminder to wipe off the machinery when you're done.


    Your yoga versus testosterone gym story is funny and interesting. So you are just annoyed (sort of) at the attention and not uncomfortable, like I am sure I would be (and have been when I used to be less fluffy?) Now you've done it. I'm going to have to engage in introspection.

    Great mittens and thanks for the link to the pattern.


    Thanks for pointing out the mittens, I was having trouble figuring out how your chest came into the equation. ;-) Oh, if only I weren't serious...


    If you weren't such a sexy bitch, it wouldn't happen to you. Who offered to wipe you down, btw? And what did David say?! I say wear it to the gym when you need a little reminder that all the hard work really is paying off.


    You go girl! Smokin' hot in that VT gym! I definitely say wear it again when you need an ego boost! Can I wipe you down? Seriously, that's a terrible line!!


    Nice workout top - obviously I need to get me one of those!
    Or perhaps the solution would be to get my sorry behind back into the gym???

    Teresa C

    I know it! Right? I have learned to never make eye contact and never work-out without my iPod on. I mean, wearing it, I am not always listening. Then I just stay ultra-focused, like a woman with a mission (which is true-my goal is to finish). For the ones that can't take those hints I am usually downright rude. Truth is, I don't go there to socialize anyway, so leave me alone! I also don't really get it, I am small and fit, but old and really not that hot or anything, they must be really desperate. Right? I mean, there are some really cute girls in that gym and I have the bitch attitude going on purpose and yet they still try. Although, I don't mind if I get help with something I can't reach or is too heavy to move if somebody has left it where they shouldn't. I have never ever had the offer to be wiped down.


    I'm going to need the brand and style number of this garment please! You are such a hot babe...


    Another vote to wear that top whenever your ego/self-image sag a little. Everyone needs a little boost now and then -- that can be yours. Sweet!


    Lucky you! Now if that happend to me--
    I would be very suspicious!
    Great mittens!


    Just be sure you don't wear The Jeans and any of The Shoes or Boots to the gym. If they see you arriving/leaving as well as in that top...Then again, taking off bulky, shapeless outerwear to reveal the top, well, that's almost worse...


    You may have a problem. ;)

    Lee Ann

    Where do I get one? I could use some unsolicited attention....




    Look at all I'm missing not going to a gym. Not.

    nipper jenn

    Cousin, remember: You are the hotness.

    Remember when we made that guy almost fall over in the airport?



    Damn. I go to the wrong gym!

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