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    Monday, December 17, 2007


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    Dave Daniels

    And you checked in ALL your bags/purses, and under the seat of the car, including the passenger side? Losing such important personal stuff REALLY sucks.

    Dave Daniels

    Whoa! Was I really first? After allllll these years, I was FINALLY first...


    So soory you lost your mittens. I imaginge they are being loved by someone who couldn't bear to turn them in.


    Oh you poor dear! You lost your mittens! Now you can't have pie!

    Teresa C

    I'm sad for you and the mittens. I know that feeling, but having the handspun from Margene be lost makes it all that much worse. Hurry and get to that next pair.


    The book Chocolate was so much better. I have more of the roving and will happily spin it up more for you if you want to do outers for the mittens.


    Bummer about the mittens. So what did you decide about Ryan's hat? Different yarn? A fleece liner? Knit a liner for the hat out of cotton? We're waiting to hear the plan....


    ooh, that sinking feeling in the stomach... wanting to throw up.. so sorry about the mittens. What a Sweetheart Margene is!
    I feel I could benefit from a weeks worth of good movies.
    Took the survey.


    So sorry to hear you lost your mitts but I'm happy you'll be able to re-make them. Hope your keeping warm it's freezing today!


    I'm sorry you lost your mittens! Maybe though they were found by someone who really needed them and now you've warmed someone's hands.


    Big bummer about the loss of your mittens! What a horrible feeling that must have been! Glad you have more of Margene's handspun so you can re-create them. Hurry up and cast on. It's mofo cold out there!


    Oh no Norma! That's so sad!

    Lee Ann

    Poor sweetie :-(

    So, are ya buried down there or what? I have to find my car by 7 pm tonight because while I know it's on the side they're going to plow, no one's been brave enough to unbury yet and I honestly don't know which white lump is mine. But you can be sure the towtruck and the ticketwriter will know exactly which car is mine and unceremoniously dump it and a $175 ticket a few streets over and not tell me where...

    Has David called you a naughty kitten yet? ;-)


    Thanks, Norma!

    And, maybe somebody with really cold hands gave your mittens a good home? That's so sad, though! They look like they were beautifully warm....


    Have you seen "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain"?
    Tres fabulous!

    Marcia Cooke

    The icing on your shit cake, for sure! I loved those mittens!


    ARGH! I just went through the same type of loss, myself. My sympathies.


    So sad about your losses... hope that the tide has turned! We just watched Chocolat again the other night... does increase the yearning in your soul, doesn't it?!

    Elizabeth D

    At least you'll know they're your mittens if you see the opportunist flaunting them somewhere. . .that's a truly sad story!


    What Dave said. (Except the being first part.) I went to the bookstore the other day, realized I'd left my knitting bag, and went back inside to find it. Fortunately I realized I was actually carrying it (it is tiny and was camouflaged by my shopping bag). Maybe you stashed your mitten liners somewhere without realizing it.


    Je t'aime "Paris, je t'aime!" It's worth watching several times. Didn't know anyone else had heard of it. You have good taste in film.


    Not your week, was it?

    I'm so sorry about the mittens, sweetie. I bet the new ones will be even better. Can you knit a GPS thingy into them, so they can't wander off on you? Just a thought. ;^)

    Is it just me or is Paris one of those cities that always calls to you? I find myself wondering what the weather is like there or thinking about the food markets and what's on offer right now. Just me, isn't it? /sigh


    This is the kind of loss that leaves me with a kicked in the gut feeling. Sorry.

    Beth S.

    Oh, this is terrible! I'm so sorry. I lost my beloved orange mitts a few weeks ago, which was bad enough, but they weren't handspun by a dear friend... :-(


    Oooo, so sorry about your loss. Maybe some cold, homeless person got them. You really did go through a bad travel attempt, didn't you...((hugs)).


    I'm so sorry about those mittens... They were sublime.


    As a long-time loser of hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, etc., I sympathize -- but I can only imagine the pain of losing a hand-knit item containing yarn hand-spun by a dear friend. Maybe you need to suck it up and use idiot strings? ;-) (In college I got tired of losing hand coverings so I had a different pair of gloves/mittens attached to each jacket/coat, each with its own matching idiot strings. Presto: warm hands all winter!)


    OH NO. I would definitely have taken those mittens.

    I'd have taken them over to the nearest seating area and made as many notes as I could on their construction -- then I would have turned them in.

    I had a similar experience with my favorite scarf in a parking lot. Never got around to making myself a new one either. One of these days.

    Andrea (noricum)

    That's so sad, that you've lost your lovely mittens!


    Aaaccckkk!! I feel your lost mittens pain. A couple years ago while traveling to a work seminar I lost a sort of oversize scarf/small shawl that I had purchased in Paris just a few months before. I called the hotel, the boat, the parking garage, and backtracked like mad but with no luck. And while I could sort of re-create it from memory (no photos exist - bummer) it just is not the same as the original so I haven't yet had the heart to try.


    Well, shit. You not only got screwed out of the whole Norma Does Grrrls adventure but lost your mittens too. That just sucks. I'd send you some of my special roving but... well, ya know, the whole angora thing.

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