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    Saturday, November 03, 2007


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    I'm betting the farm on you, Norma. No pressure, though ;-)


    I started a CPH for Hannah yesterday. She's tiny so I'm making the smallest size and it feels like I'm flying. Go for it, Norma!


    Heh...I just came back from Ann's... I do believe I heard the nickel drop.

    Nice sky and the pin oak is stunning! I love the gray winter days... my mom loves them so much she paints them. :^)

    Now... get to knittin'! (just watch out for The Stupids...)


    Glad you like the border!

    Beth S.

    Yay, pin oak! :-) I love the pin oak.


    Yay, I was wondering when we'd get to see the pin oak.


    Wonderful photo. I think the border makes it. Gorgeous pin oak!

    How stupid can you be when you know it's coming? Or something.

    Knit Ribby! You can totally do it.


    Knit, Norma! Knit! The Ribby... maybe it'll get me to pick mine back up....


    Do a CPH hoodie -- I'm knitting the sleeves now on mine.


    I say pick up something and go, go, go!


    Race ya!!


    Wonderful photos! Thanks so much.

    You can do anything you set your mind to. If I wanted to ensure completion I might say, "What, Norma finish a whole sweater by the end of the year? Yeah, like that'll ever happen!" There. Someone said you couldn't. Now I KNOW at least one if not both of the sweaters are going onto the front burners with extra fire in the stove.

    Andrea (noricum)

    I learned something today. I thought the oaks in my neighbourhood back in Chapel Hill were pin oaks. When I saw your photo, I had to do some googling... turns out they are willow oaks! Thank you for the accidentally educational post!


    I like it better without the border. Exquisite shot. Stark. Sere. Ravaged.

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