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    Saturday, October 27, 2007


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    Ravelry is great fun, but blogs are where we get the details.

    And I can't believe you got those boots at our mall. I hate shoe and purse shopping (perfection is so subjective and hard to find). Next time, I'm getting the skinny from you!

    And thanks for the vicarious Rhinebeck experience! I had a craving for spring rolls for DAYS.


    I'm OK with blogs being "out" as long as the ones I read (like yours, obviously) don't go away. I had a panicky moment there, but then, I'm accustomed to being unfashionable!


    What Dusa said - blogs are indeed where we get the detail. And you know, I spend way more time reading blogs than I do on Ravelry. Hope the earlobes settle down soon, and love the boots!


    I have two pairs of holes in each ear... and that's it, thank you very much.

    Isn't the mall a weird place? I could not stop thinking that the other day. Too many strong smells and pushy little girls asking personal questions. o.0

    Do not get me started on Ravelry...


    I did the biorhythm thing today too and I've learned my lesson. Never doing it again.


    I'm with Anne. Besides, even knitblogs aren't just for knitting--there's no space in Ravelry for fall foliage or small fuzzies or local food. Or boots, or jeans. :)


    Ravelry is definitely way in. And change is good, so long as you don't go anywhere :-)

    I have become a major boot girl too -- love them.


    Ravelry is cool for certain things but I love blogs for the news and extra stuff. And you'll always be famous in my world. You're a star, Norma.


    Norma, when they write the history of knit-blogging, you'll have a whole chapter to yourself. Deservedly.


    I don't see Ravelry replacing blogs - perhaps some personality types will gravitate to one more than the other. The "relating" that goes on in Ravelry seems to be entirely done through forums, which are so often all about strong opinions and hasty words. The gentle art of authentic self-revelation and reflection that goes on in blogging is much more attractive to me, and seems more conducive to the development of genuine relationships. It is true though, that for keeping track of knitting projects, Ravelry is hard to beat.


    I have the 2 holes in th elobes thing, but every time I've worn 2 pairs, they got very "ear"ritated! 1 Is all I have time for any way. I sure like your new boots! My ideal kind! I'd recognized you in a heartbeat, that's if I ever make it to Rhinebeck that is.


    There's a good reason I love Cookie so much.
    Please don't stop blogging. Pleaseohpleaseohplease. Ravelry is great, but I'd never keep up with my favorite people if I had to wade through all the extra stuff in there. I love Ravelry as a tool, but I don't read the forums much; it's not the same as post-style missives from all the people I stalk.
    I bet they all would have known you if you'd said "I'm the red-scarf lady."
    And those boots are TOTALLY take me now boots. I love winter for the fact that I can wear boots.
    I actually have 5 ear piercings. I had 8, but the two cartilege piercings and the upper level of lobe piercings required surgical intervention. The cartilege piercings and one of the lobe ones were closed by the scar, but the other one remains. Now I'm just lopsided. I still miss those other ones. I'm trying to decide if I should have my lip pierced now. (Apparently I have not learned that I am old and uncool yet.)


    I too suffer from old, saggy hole syndrome.

    I'm liking Ravelry for the perks of a well-oiled data-base for checking out patterns and yarn and finished projects. That's about it. There is a photography forum I could fall in love with, if I had time to read the posts.


    I was afraid of what Ravelry was going to do to blogging. It would be ashame if my friend bloggers gave up their blogs completely. I do think though that Ravelry is a bit of a time suck and results in more infrequent blogging. Don't get me wrong, Raverly is a great tool, but in no way can it replace what I like about blogs. I'll always keep on reading you dahling!

    Mary K. IN Rockport

    I check out your blog every day. Your work is interesting and, since I have young-lady daughters, too, I find the doings of your daughter interesting, as well. Plus, I knit. Plus I got me some motorcycle mama black boots last year at Marshall's, and I love love them, AND they're very comfortable. Blog on.


    I checked out the biorhythm site - looks like I was High on emotional, but Low on intellectual and Physical when I was at Rhinebeck. Sort of sums it up. I don't think the people at Customs got the whole "Sheep and Yarn Festival" thing.
    who wore the "Hot Tamale" socks at the Marriott!


    Hey--the more people flee, the more I get you all to myself! Neener, neener! ;)

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Hey Norma-
    Your blog without knitting is way more interesting , witty, and well-written than most "all knitting every post" blogs, even if one only reads knitting blogs. I do hope that came out as a positive supporting comment(can you tell my biorhythm for intellectual is low today??).

    I was also wondering if Ravelry is the next step in the evolution of blogs but I think not.They're Patty Duke cousins. Or Doublemint Twins. Or Betty & Wilma.
    Ok enough. See what I mean about the low intellectual?


    Um, what's wrong with holes all up the ear lobe? ;-)


    Well, I don't use Bloglines, so I'm never counted, but I always read. :P You keep on writin', I'll keep on readin'. Deal?


    I agree with Ruth. For me, Ravelry is great for researching new patterns and seeing what "real" people have done with them. I belong to a few groups and check out the threads but I find I don't live there. I live with my blogs and enjoy them every day. (Addicted? yes.) You are not redundant! Neither am I, though I am relatively new to blog land. :-)

    Hot boots!


    Well, clearly, you need to plump up your Ravelry persona . . . I completely agree about the boots, though. CAN a person have too many pairs??? I think not!


    Oh, and I was curious, so I checked . . . not only are my biorhythms all heading downward as we speak, two of the three are going to be pretty much rock-bottom on my birthday next week. I think I'm going to need extra cake....


    Ravelry is fun. Ravelry is handy. Ravelry is a great resource. (And eventually, one of these years, I'm sure I'll get a lot more photographs up there, once I can untangle my old stash. know...get around to photographing the current stash.) But while the forums are great places to ask a question, arrange local meet-ups and so on, they're still the same old message boards. It just seems, from the reaction, that apparently there haven't been all that many knitting boards with that many people in one spot. But if I were that fascinated with forums, I'd still be reading rec.crafts.textiles.yarn a lot more frequently than I have in the last several years. Nope; for reading about what people are doing and what's going on in their lives, blogs are much more fun!


    More boots, huh? I am falling way behind you in shoe/boot collecting. I might be heading to zappos now....


    When it comes to Ravelry I am definitely one of the new kids on the block - since I just got in this week. And already I think it is marvelous. But in response to your concerns I am going to de-lurk and tell you that I have been reading your blog for well over a year, I subscribe with Google Reader and enjoy reading every new post. Your blog was also how I initally found out about the Red Scarf Project, which I have partipated in for the last two years. I hope you continue blogging!


    Just think, a whole new wave of knitter's to impress with your inimitable style!

    New boots, new jeans...the must be the season of The Norma :)

    I love some things about Ravelry but it's pretty generic, blogs are personal and Ravelry will never replace that imho.


    You banal?? Please. Not a bit of it.


    No, you are not redundant, Norma. Ravelry is definitely not a blog replacement. I like it for the project information bits, but for the people factor, it does not hold a candle to a good blog. I think Ruth summed it up quite nicely.


    I need some cute, kickin' boots.

    Ravelry is a tool and it comes in handy sometimes. Unfortunately, I think it's a really big, unwieldy tool -- becoming more so all the time -- AND it's only as good as the people make it AND some of the people don't seem to give a shit. I check ideas for yarn and patterns and I like it to see at a glance what I've made and what my friends have made and it's fun to find a group that I can relate to, but coming into the middle of a conversation that's already 300+ entries long -- even 25? No thanks.

    "Norma"... that's my favorite part of Now Norma Knits 2.


    Blogs are still in...we may be old hat;-) Ravelry is a good tool, but the social side of it may be it's undoing.
    You are getting hipper, younger day by day. Being on a college campus has been good for you. Look at you cute chick you.


    I don't know why you jump to the conclusion that YOU are the one out of it when you come across someone ignorant of your blog. Must be that damn biorhythm thing. It's so negative. Pooh on the biorhythm.
    Yay Norma!


    Ravelry is in an upswing that will level off. (As I look at over 800 unread blog posts, I have to consider the amount of blog-reading time I've been spending on Ravelry. Yeah.)

    It's not you, it's Ravelry. Write your blog for yourself, not to hang onto fickle readers.

    Love the boots! I just bought a pair (from Zappo's) that should be arriving today. I have waited my whole life for a pair of nice tall, good-quality boots to wear with long skirts. But I decided to go with a low heel, as I have found the sexy ones I have hurt my feet after a while. (BTW, my mother used to call her "take me now" boots "the boots that should never be worn outside the bedroom." It was years before I understood that.)

    Diane T

    I saw you at Rhinebeck and recognized you instantly but didn't say hello because (a) I don't comment often so I was afraid you'd think I was a stalker, (b) you were deep in knitting and conversation with someone and (c)I was with my sister who's convinced I'm weird anyway (in a good way). No sense in giving her more ammunition!

    I've wondered about Ravelry vs. blogs but I have to tell you, I get different things from each. Ravelry doesn't have a central "personality" that attracts me. I use it to gather information: what everybody is knitting, what does a certain pattern look like. I read blogs because I like the personalities behind them.

    I'm a long time reader through Newsgator. Keep on keepin' on.

    A Vermonter in the Midwest


    Now those boots at least look human, unlike those things you called shoes. Honestly, how is a person to WALK and survive it all??!
    I am not going to check my biorhythms. I won't. It will tell me to go to bed.
    And pull the pillow over the head. And I'm not listening.


    Even my non-knitting, non-blog-reading husband knows who Norma is!


    Though I don't always have an opportunity to sit and write thoughtful, meaningful and/or profound posts, I really do enjoy my blog and the opportunity it presents to meet lovely people such as yourself, Norma (she says, with great emphasis on the name, NORMA.) If I could have been at Rhinebeck and heard someone behind me say, "I'm Norma," I would have turned immediately around and shouted, "Norma!" and with great pleasure I would have extended my hand ~ as a simple but not simplistic (heavens, no) way of reaching back to you in the way you have reached out to me with your talent, your advice, your wisdom and the part of your world that you share with you. It would be glorious.


    Cheer up, sweetie. You had your fifteen minutes of fame andnow you're back to being a mere mortal like the rest of us and we still LOVE you!! Don't you dare stop blogging! You certainly don't need to respond to every post, but don't you DARE stop blogging!! I'm invested in your life now, and would be hurt if you ditched us all.


    Those are using euphemisms now?

    The blogworld has mushroomed. And yes, fame is for only fifteen minutes. Or posts.

    Seanna Lea

    Well, if you are ever in the mood for chocolate there is a Chocolate Tour in Boston (I don't remember if it runs year round, I think it is a winter thing). I've wanted to go for ages, so if you came to the area I would obviously need to drop things and tour. Or I could introduce you to my (snooty voice engaged) personal chocolatier (umm, I can stop with the voice now), who has a small but packed shop near where I work.

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