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    Tuesday, August 28, 2007


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    Wow, all that and knitting too? You must be pinching yourself :)


    Such a good day!


    Have a good first day of school! Don't forget your lunchbox! :S


    May your wishes and good fortune continue.


    The cashmere looks like it is knitting up nice. Hope your day goes well. Remember to breathe.


    Ahhh, life is good :)


    Good luck, good luck, good luck! I know you'll have a fantastic day!


    Wishing you the absolute best! oh say hey, is that the...*Corrugarter* scarf? YUM!


    Sounds like a GREAT day! May your luck continue ...


    Have a great day! And the project?!? I'm thinking scarf.


    MMmmm, now there's some comfort knitting for you.

    Best of luck on the first day of school! May ALL of your wishes come true.

    elizabeth a airhart

    hello norma back reading after a terrible computer crash
    its been rotten hope all your machines stay well
    red scarf project is doing so well we have quite a leader
    at least with the shut dowm i had time to get 4 scarfs
    ready to go out come september great project
    ugly hot in my part of florida and you will soon turn
    into a riot of color fenway in boston my first ball game
    just a little girl lost that one too

    Lee Ann

    It's Twinkletoes's first day of school today, too. I'm betting you didn't wear flowery leggings with your short-sleeved dress, though. She totally didn't match but it looked oddly cute....

    I'm too old to look oddly cute. I do, however, have the odd part down pat. ;-)

    Have fun, sweetie!


    Mmmm . . . good day! And, good luck!


    Now Norma Knits!? Fabulous;-)


    That Aran cashmere looks sinfully yummy. Mmmm. What might it be when it grows up? You will disclose all in time, I am sure.

    Yay for good days!


    I hope your days continue in the good streak! :-)



    Good luck! I hope you get someone cute to carry your stuff for you. Love the knitting!

    Beth S.

    Cashmere! Looks like a scarf, possibly reversible? Mmmm. That sounds heavenly. :-)


    Good for you with the new semester. I hope the schedule and all works out for you.


    I'm a bit late, but good luck, good luck, good luck! Tfoo, tfoo, tfoo! (Russian "spitting" over the left shoulder for good luck.)


    How was your first day?
    (putting a peach and a glass of water in front of you)
    (Instead of the more traditional cookie and milk)
    (which is really bad for you)
    (and if you eat the peach and drink the water, you will be happy)
    (and healthy)
    (and healthy IS happy)
    (just eat it and shut up)


    Any day with cashmere is a good day. Hope all goes well for both you and Abigail.


    Yes! No dropping constant hints! You're in with Cara - put a bug in Miss Constant Hints' ear about that. Ha.

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