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    Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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    first? unbelieveable! ("quick, hit the button, hit the button")


    Leaves are changing here, too... I'm not sure I'm ready for autumn, let alone winter!

    Ann Rose

    I must say, I love the idea of charity knitting without a firm deadline. I might well crash and burn on my Red Scarf entry (I''m just not fast enough to knit 5 feet of *anything* in time), but I think I can try for a hat or two, or some mittens, before winter sets in. And I'll feel even better, knowing I'm helping someone in my very own state (PA)! Thanks for getting the word out.


    i was working in my yard last sunday, and realized my burning bush's leaves have started turning. it's too early!

    Katie B.

    We had what I'm convinced was the first storm of autumn last week.

    Beth S.

    They've begun to change here, too, and it's freaking me out a little. Trees shouldn't change color in August! This is like when I had a yard full of robins in January...


    Thank GOD the leaves are starting to show some autumn, I have hope! I will (as you know) be warming up some people. It's the least I can do.
    p.s. you are awesome!


    ahh so i was "talking" to carole about how the leaves seem to be turning way early this year. and we surmised that perhaps they always start changing this early and we're just getting old because we forget.

    well guess what. THEY ARE TURNING EARLY. i was listening to npr and they confirmed that carole and i are not getting old. (well indirectly they confirmed this). the months of july and august have been dry in our part of the country this year (we also had some days of chill which i think had something to do with it) and that's caused the leaves to change early.


    You East Coasters are so cool. And now a bunch of you are gonna be warm this winter, too. Rock on, girlie. Love ya. xoxo


    Leaves plus camera equals photos, please. How about picking one tree and giving us a daily photo so we can see the changes with you?


    Thanks for the link, Norma. I went over there straightaway yesterday and told her I would be glad to help. Joy!

    Elizabeth McNeil

    Another charity to consider is warm the world:

    They are also willing to take all those orphan balls/skeins lying around in the stash....they have knitters who will put it to use making charity projects.


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