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    Friday, August 24, 2007


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    more jam, more jam!


    Yippee! Thank you! Doing the right thing is its own reward, but I'll happily take some fiber, too. ;)


    Oh boy, more winners! I love reading about winners. It's fun imagining all these people jumping up and down at their computers. [g] And homemade jam? Ok, now I'm feeling jealous!


    "Limited by her abilities"? That Carole cracks me up!


    I donated today. Having a pair of Carole's socks on my feet would be awesome! I call her The Sock Queen!


    I'm glad to help and hope it increases the donations, too.


    Rosepetal jam?


    Yay! Thanks, Norma! Now I just gotta go knit that red scarf....

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Just donated! The prospect of Carole's socks just pushed me over the edge. :-)


    Wow. If we could harness the power for good that is knitters, we could cure cancer, solve world hunger, clothe the cold, and heal the sick.

    Wait, we're already doing all those things...

    Yay, Norma!


    yay! i'm so excited! i can now get that haiku bag i've been pining over :)


    Woo and also hoo, as a certain socknitter would say.


    That Carole...what a doll, huh? And so are YOU! I'm going to the donate button now....


    Lucky winners! I know Carole's socks well. That will be one lucky winner there!

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