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    Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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    I knew we could count on you to get Dave's ass. But covered in flannel???

    Dave Daniels

    Hey, I wore the flannel BECAUSE Norma was coming in from Vermont. I knew it'd be a cold day in, Boston, with her coming, so I dressed appropriately.
    Yeah, it was a fun time. And you even bought fancy, expensive yarn, too. :) The look on your face at the register was worth having to eat salad!


    ...He comments that more men need to tuck in their shirts and he doesn't even do it himself. *shakes head and laughs*

    Lee Ann

    I'd say "only you, Norma," but I know plenty of other knitters who would totally take a picture of Dave's ass.


    A picture of Dave's ass!! That is priceless!! Sounds like you guys had a great time!


    Oh you are so good! And he's griping about guys that won't tuck in their shirts. tsk tsk he is a fashion criminal.


    Norma!! You never disappoint! Nice ARSE Dave!


    yeah. don't you hate how they don't tuck in their shirts anymore?


    You're just lucky I wasn't drinking anything when I read "arse-nal." Such a dry-cleaning bill you would have...


    Now that I've stopped choking on the fried rice I'm eating for 'breakfast', of which some was inadvertently inhaled... (No, not really. Although it was a close thing. The choking, that is. The fried rice bit is true. [g]) Anyway--

    ROFLMAOWTIME! Ditto over on Dave's blog. Ok, between this post of yours, Roxie's weaving him a table-runner with some of his gorgeous yarn, and his habit of photographing butts (it is a habit, isn't it??) - obviously I'm going to have to read Dave's blog, too. It's a good thing I don't have a life, innit? ;) And yeah. More guys need to tuck in their shirts. Absodamnedlutely.


    Oh you kill me! Too freakin' funny.


    Oh priceless! Arse-nal. I love it. Peace makers are overrated.


    Oh dear oh dear oh dear! I do agree--Dave's definitely losing some points off his gay tally for spurning both tea and salad! But I suppose we'll forgive him for sharing the eye candy with us. ;)


    Didn't he say something about men tucking in their shirts????


    And he dares to b!tch because too many attractively-assed men don't tuck in their shirts? Although flanned-covered is always good :)


    Dave needs to practice what he preaches with regards to tucking in his shirt. It's too bad, because it looks suspiciously like he has a rather nice ass too.


    Hahahaha! I love it! Pay back's a bitch, eh, Dave?


    Ooo, Dave's ass.

    Can you say ... DESKTOP WALLPAPER?!?


    Is that a diaper bag next to that flannel covered ass?!

    Jena (the yarnharpy)

    :::howlingly loud catcall, a la a randy construction crew:::


    I'm glad Mr. Cabin Cove is such a good sport. :)


    David Taylar Daniels!!! I KNOW you're reading this. Tuck. In. Your. Shirt. so. We. Can. See. YOUR. Tushie.

    Might know Mr. Cabin Cove would wear flannel and a ball cap - the better to be all Cabin Cove-y with :) Glad you guys had a good time.


    Yes. Ms. Rabbitch and I had a fine time discussing asses and your likely very active involvement in the photoshoot. That and skunks.

    Rhonda the Stitchingnut

    Oh what a great turn around. But if only he would tuck in his shirt!

    Rhonda the Stitchingnut

    Oh what a great turn around. But if only he would tuck in his shirt!


    Thank you for the much-needed smile in the middle of my day today, Norma. I’m glad that you and Dave had a lovely visit! (wait – does “lovely” belong with ass watch??... hmmm)


    You are a bad, bad woman.



    What you have is not a picture of Dave's ass. What you have is a picture of Dave's plaid. Asses are round and cheeky. Plaids are right angled and multi-colored. Not to be too rude here, (and I am always glad of any picture of the legendary Dave,) But although we have seen Dave's monkey and his pussy, we have not yet seen his ass.


    Now your reputation as a troublemaker has been cemented!


    Thank you so much! I always wondered what his bottom looked like. Quite cute, actually.


    Um, Dave? that yarn SUCKED! That is a fact. And you know it! :D

    I cannot stop laughing that you took a picture of Dave's ass. And I'm so thankful that you did not take one of mine.
    Fun was had by all. heh.

    Lynn in Tucson

    The FRUITS of his labors? Are you kidding me??





    You all look like you're having a blast! I love the number of comments about Dave's view on tucked-in-shirts. You really do need to be careful that you "talk the talk and walk the walk"... LOL!

    (and I love Roxie's comment that it's not Dave's ass, but Dave's plaid. That made me snort.)


    There is no shame in a plaid clad ass.


    "make Dave turn in his gay card".......OMG you had me LOL this AM!!


    OMG. This whole post was hilarious!


    So. Jealous. Love Dave's ass.


    OK, I came here from Dave's blog, because I had to see "the rest of the story." And OMG, I was chuckling until I got to the "arse"nal, and then it was all out laughter. I assume Dave's ass shot was a surprise? It looks like you had a blast. Thanks for sharing.


    No tea ... no salad. Are you ~sure~ he's gay?

    And as for the yarn, I'm so sorry (I was scared by a wild Euroflax as a child and have never yet recovered. That, or I hate it.)

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