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    Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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    Yes, that Euroflax Linen is expensive stuff, but it sure is purty, no? I've got a coupla skeins waiting to become hand towels. Perhaps in the next century.


    That gives new meaning to the word "guest towels"...sheesh, that's spendy! For $42, can't you send it back to them for an exchange to the sportweight?


    And here I thought the appropriate name was going to be ass yarns - boy was I off :)

    Love the color you chose.


    Newbury Yarns is oh so chi-chi.

    Teresa C

    Pleasant to drive into? Are you sure you were in the same Boston that I drive into all of the time? :)


    You did all of that in two hours!? Good work.


    I get one Moss Grid hand towel out of one skein of (the correct) Euroflax. Yours will just be a little beefy! I'm still laughing after all of yesterday's ass-ness -- thanks to all three of you for the fun!


    You and Dave's pics of the Prudential tower make remember this trip into the north end with dad and bro following uncle's funeral, I dunno, 42$ for a towel?? Do you have enough for a summer top? Maybe a lacy top to make it go further? One that you'll wear when you go out to a 200$ a plate dinner?


    I was going to say how insanely priced that yarn is until I thought about the fact that I tend to spend that on two skeins of indie dyer sock yarn. Maybe it just seems a lot since it is for towels?? The color is great, though!!


    Hmmm... sounds like a Boston fiber gathering in the making.


    LOVED the AssWatch! Dave always gets me rolling with the laughter...LOVE the colour of the Euroflax, gorgeous...and what a fabulous day! Good for all and thank you!

    Dave Daniels

    Hey, I should have swapped shoes with Sandy. Those fuzzy brown clogs would have gone nicely with my brown jeans.
    And the yarn price? Well, if you'd gotten off the phone with Cara, you could have asked the price. That's all I gots to say on that. :)
    (Pssst! You forgot to mention the pricey tea, too.)


    Socks! Did you keep your receipt? Now I want to know about the spendy tea. :D


    I was at my LYS not long ago, looking for some nicer-than-average cotton suitable for cloth-knitting for a gift. I was told that a customer was knitting dishcloths from Blue Sky Organic Cotton... um, yeah... a $13 dishcloth??? (She did say that the customer was over-the-moon about how well they -- the multiple $13 dishcloths in her drawer, apparently -- wrung out and I have this thing about that, myself, so maybe I'm just a teensy bit tempted, but haven't given in yet.)

    Nice weekend.


    Holy moly! I hope you don't mind if I stick with Sugar n' Cream.


    The Euroflax is gorgeous but jeepers, creepers, $42.00? That's going to be a seriously lovely hand towel. :)


    Hmm...maybe it was a blessing that the last several times I've been on Newbury Street, the yarn shops have been closed (dinner time).


    That's one expensive hand towel!

    Enjoyed the Asswatch posts; thanks :)

    Beth S.

    I like to pop into Newbury Yarns every so often, but it's hard to find what you want in there unless you are just looking for "red yarn" or whatever. The arrangement is very eyecatching, but you could spend all day trying to locate the Cascade 220 (or whatever) among all the "red" skeins.

    On the other hand, they stock Koigu, and that has its own shelf! ;-)


    Ahem..."Boston, pleasant to drive into". That leaves me just about speechless. Those words simply don't go together! Psychotic drivers. Unmarked streets. Potholes. Impatience. Gridlock. Detours to H*ll. Did I mention psychotic suicidal drivers? And, that's on a good day.


    Going back to Boston? Like yesterday's title says, poor Dave! Ha! That mean more buns! Yay...
    Carol, who's obviously commenting from work.

    Ann in Nashville

    AW hon, that hand towel will last forEVER. You amortize that thing over the next forty years, and you're MAKING MONEY. It'll be paying YOU!




    I love how that Ann thinks.

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