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    Monday, August 27, 2007


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    Dave Daniels

    I'm FIRST????

    Dave Daniels

    Yup, I was first. I just had to get that in there before anyone else beat me to it.
    The breakfast sounds like a fun way to start out the day. I was hoping to meet up this year, but we have last minute company coming.


    Would love to, but have previous commitments. Have a great time!


    Sure wish I could be there but it's the week before I go to Utah. Bummer! Fingers crossed that you get enough courses to keep food on the table.


    I do hope this works out for you! You liked it so much last year and it seems such a perfect fit.


    wah! i wish i could!

    and i've got my red scarf started. i'd forgotten how much i love knitting with my own handspun


    Well....yeah...if I didn't live a thousand miles away...
    Here's crossing everything that can that you get more courses to cover, although I think you have plenty of brain power and then some (for spare) I know what it's like to 'feel' in deficit. :^)


    I think I might have to see if Libby's has a website so I can get one of those teeshirts.

    That would be a KILLER addition to my yoga/roller derby workout wardrobe! :)

    ps - wish I could come to your breakfast club! Sounds more fun than Molly Ringwald!


    Hope the classes work out for you. Oh, I would love to come, but still singin' the newlywed budget blues.


    Damn! I'd love to be there. But though I would be willing to travel 3000+ miles to meet you guys, prowl the old neighborhood and go to VT S&W, I think some members of my family might think that would be a touch too spendy in the pursuit of fiber. Silly family members.


    Sigh. Count me among those who want to but can't. I'm teaching at VTSW Saturday starting at 10 am, so I have to be there in advance to set up.


    The beets were exceptionally delicious. My MIL adored them and wants your recipe. "That is how my beets should taste, but don't", said she. Have pity and email it to me.


    For heaven's sake, now is not the time to cross your fingers!

    I wish I could make VT. See you at Rhinebeck?


    *sigh* I would love to join you, and Lee Ann, and Twinkletoes (who is a most delightful farm visitor), but I'm afraid Rhinebeck is about all I have time and energy for this year. That and we've already got quite a lot of running around scheduled for next week as it is.


    I don't know how you do it. And I'd love to meet you girls for breakfast, I'm a tad far though :(


    At least you get to go back to school again this fall--I know how much you enjoyed it last year!


    I'll be at the S&W, having arranged my visit to my parents' house to include that weekend, but I may not get out of the house early enough to meet y'all for breakfast. I'll keep it in mind, though.


    The abnormal psych class sounds interesting!

    I'll be there for the breakfast club, dearie. Then we're takin' that tired-ass wallpaper of yours down. ;)



    May your CARTing go much better this semester. No jerk students this time 'round!


    I'll be at VT S&W but I have to do breakfast with RR or he gets all jealous of the fiber (and I have to pay my dues since I'm getting a day pass from the Adirondack Car Show) ;o)


    Oh how I would love to be there!

    I hope your schedule beefs up enough so you can use that great brain for CARTing full time!


    Dave's first? I'm last. There's sort of a poetic justice in there somewhere. Or something.
    Your weekend in that sweaty gym sounds just about as bad as being in a sweaty gym climbing the ropes and whatever other torture they dream up for gyms. ew.


    the sutton tricot thé is planning a field trip to Sheep & Wool, but i'm not sure we'll be organized enough to make it for breakfast on Saturday... but if we do make it, we'll see you there! (here, i wish i could sign off with a favourite quote from 'the breakfast club...')


    I'm there! I love me some Libby's...and with knitter? Le Sigh...

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