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    Sunday, April 01, 2007


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    No fools here. No fooling either. Loving all over your socks and hat.
    People out shopping. Who needs em?


    22??? Good grief, I'm way behind - must knit faster! ;-) Actually, I just sent off a box to CIC. The Dulaan box isn't full yet. Those little socks are like potato chips, aren't they? Love the hermit sketch - you had my DH and I laughing over MP all over again.

    It's in the 70's here in NOLA - shall I send you a breath of warm air?


    Love the debris for Dulaan. That's my kind of housekeeping!


    "do be do be do"


    Now if only I could figure how to knit dustbunnies . . .


    Norma, you showed up on my Bloglines this morning so they must have heard you. Wow, I only get the catalog from Gardeners the store better, well, minus the excess people?


    Thanks, sweetie!! For my birthday today, I'm taking Sandy's advice on the Everyday Cardigan. Yikes-oh-rama. Yep, you heard me right. It's going to be a rip-roaring ripping good time.

    LOVE those cute little socks, and the little sock stretchers you've got them on!! And...YOU!


    You're showing up in my Bloglines, but not Margene. Must go check. I know, I hate/love Costco. Going in on the weekend is truly pure madness.


    I'm still on Google Reader. Ever since you told everyone to leave Bloglines, I did. You didn't say we should go back!

    Gardening: I think you need a little greenhouse or something so you can start your planting in flats around this time of year, then transplant your seedlings when it's warm enough for them to survive. That's what I'd do. (If I was a gardener. Who had a house. With a yard. And I had the money to build a greenhouse. And mad skills with the power tools. That's a lot of ifs.)


    Now see, I misread your title.....It made me think of
    "A pretty girl, do be do, do be do, is like a melody".....
    we always sang that in high school as we came strutting out of the bathroom stall...... Ha! My husband is still thinking about ordering seeds and starting seedlings....then we will be forced to buy whatever seedlings we can find when it's May something. I guess the joke is on me, because I DID do some house cleaning today!


    The hat and socks are fabulous! When you find that hermit cave, please let me know if it has a sister cave.


    I was neither at costco nor GS. I swear.


    Well. MY bloglines didn't bother to pick up. Hmph! Love the little treasures. And I'm not a April foolin'


    Bloglines sux, so what else is new? Cute goodies for the kids Norma :)


    it was 67 here today (nice birthday weather, eh? yes, today is my birthday, as well), and sunny for most of the day. i got to spend it not cooking (we ate out for breakfast,a nd hubbie's folks took us out for dinner, as his birthday was yesterday!), reading an interesting book, watching the shining on the scifi channel while knitting on a fascinating sweater from loop-d-loop for dulaan, and being a general bum. and i don't have to get up tomorrow cuz the kids are on spring break! yippee!

    and bloglines must be fixed, cuz i found ya!


    I think you have to mention bloglines in a post to get them to pick you up. o.0

    Ya know, Saturday was the end of the month and the first of the month people got paid early because Sunday was the first. Lots of people wandering around with money in their pockets.

    Love that hat!

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