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    Tuesday, September 19, 2006


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    so many happy colors in there.

    I am still amazed that that pumpkin is ripening off the vine. very curious to find out if it has full flavor.



    His name is Pie and young Vincent has plans for him.


    Thanks, Norma. I just got lots of nameless, labelless yarn and would love to use it for a good purpose.


    Look how great that is! Look how great you are! Look how great that pumpkin is!


    You rock, Norma. But then, we knew that already.


    Fuck. I finally figured out how to deal with my sleeve issues...was gonna knit on and do some opposing stripes but I found I had stolen the needles to knit a scarf (Think red orphan scarf) and now I will be ripping back...but only reknitting after red scarf is finished. It's a total charity knit screw.


    I'm such a slug this year about Charity projects. Must get off my duff.

    denny  Mcmillan

    hello little pumkin you going to be pie.
    Don't say bye bye , you gon'a be pie pie.

    Next up Norma.....little pumkin as a Dulaan hat form.

    More hats ON wee pumkin please.

    need a life I need a life


    Thanks for the reminder, Norma. Must get knitting. xoxo


    Love the rainbow hat & scarf, Cousin. Pumpkin looks good in there though.


    Look at you! You're fantastic, Norma.


    You are a good soul!


    Love those colors! Clearly you subscribe to my color philosophy: this is not the time to break out the drab colors, but the time to lay in as many shocking bright ones as we can, to see us through the winter.


    The little kids may like it ;)
    Great colors and lots of warmth. Perfect!


    Thank you for the plug, Dear Norma. We have our work cut out for us this year, everyone--12,086 items. Help!


    Thanks for the heads up Norma. I went over and looked at the Dulaan site. I will start gathering my yummy wools and needles.

    I say now you have to knit a little pumpkin hat :)


    Incredible, woman.


    You are already ahead of me, not surprisingly. I will soon have a cute little sweater in yarn from Black Bunny to send along, though.


    i've gotten a head start, but not as big as yours, lol. i've got 2 hats ala cloud variations (i get easily bored and distracted, oh look, a bunny!), and a third on the needles. i need to get back to it, but there's only so much mohair a girl can take in july (yes, it's been sitting that long). thanks for the inspiration!

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