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    Wednesday, August 16, 2006


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    You got it! Heh. I wonder what the chances are that it is NOT going to sneak out of that box soon. Be careful. Send it to work with David!


    Oh, wow! WTF!!!!! (I couldn't resist :-)


    Is this to recycle the t-shirts into halters or are you making from scratch?
    Cause, you know...fabric stash is a whole other issue!!

    Dave Daniels

    Yeah, you're in trouble now. Fabric stash is a whole 'nother animal. (Think 1 yard of fabric = 1 skein of yarn.)
    This is all about make low-cut thingies to wear in front of Jack, isn't it?


    Oh for fucksake. What is this now? A sewing blog?

    Rachel H

    you're scaring me now.


    Yeah but then you can make some of my favorite things!


    Next you'll be taking classes and sewing up wedding dresses.


    You actually BOUGHT a sewing machine? Brand new, in the box?? Heheheh... yeah, what Kathleen said about fabric stash... Have you been in a fabric store? (The fabric department of a big box doesn't count.) Next thing we know, you'll be QUILTING!!!


    Dude, you're knitting socks. Anything can happen.

    denny  Mcmillan

    welcome.........I am your people.
    What I can't do with a puter, I a wiz on the machine.

    Rubber mate bins.............................for fabric


    Overboard? Nah.....but then again, I'm a craft-enabler. ;)

    Katy's comment about fabric stash has me cracking up here. We'll be watching you!


    Tsk, tsk. Another one bites the dust.


    Yeay! Glad you got it, Cousin! In a year you'll wonder how you ever got on without it.


    Ooooo, pretty toy! New things to do. More messes to make. More things to buy. Another way to play with colors and make warm things. Lucky, lucky you! (Try strip-piecing quilt tops, then tieing them as comforters. Quick gratification!)

    Don't worry about the knitting. You can't use a sewing machine in the car.


    Hah hah hah. You are getting sucked in :)

    (Note to dear daughter: start planning all the fab things that mom can whip up for you with her new toy...)


    i so know what u mean.. got one over a month ago.. and i took it out of the box but havent turned it on yet!!! maybe on 27th when my sis in law comes over and helps me with it


    Awwww, that's great! I hope the decks get cleared soon so you can have fun with your new toy. BTW, i bought that T-shirt book, though I have yet to bust out the scissors and some oversized t's. Soon.


    can't wait to see the fabric stash.


    I don't know what I would do without my sewing machine! I have made curtains for three houses, repaired windsurfing sails ( not really recommended) made prom dresses, dance costumes and even a full blown ballet tutu on mine. I have just worked out that it is 25 year old too - remarkable!


    What are you going to do???? Waiting eagerly to see. Maybe you can post directions on how to wind the bobbin, I forgot how and I can't use my stinking sewing machine.


    Oh man. The above Commenters of Norma are right--I've got two Rubbermaid bins (the big ones) full of fabric. Some of the fabric I purchased on a visit to my sister before she got married (store closing, British wool, 70% off...). My sister got married in 1999. Ahem.


    Hey, don't knock the quilting. It's awesome, just not as versatile as knitting. (Although I could see Norma whipping out a few vests with wool batting, all quilted up, for the Dulaan cuties.)


    Oh I seriously wish I had a new sewing machine in the box waiting for me to make a moment to get to know her. I don't know what I'd do without my 20yo sewing machine.... but I sure could do a lot more with a newer one!! :)


    One of us
    One of us
    One of us...


    'Tis the season, I guess. I bought one at the end of June!

    Lee Ann

    I have one and I can't remember the last time I used it. I'm not going to make kid clothes, though. I'm not that talented, and the ones my mother made me were serious contenders for the Loving Hands at Home look, if you know what I mean. I still cringe when I see yellow and red calico.

    I did, however, get that t-shirt book. And it's your fault, Ms. Hottie in a Halter.


    Great things come in small boxes.. looks like a nice machine.


    Yay for sewing you have no business doing because you are already chock full of hobbies!!! (me too)


    TYPE faster...............................lawyers all just talk way too much, don't you think?


    Okay, we SO need a button for the WTF Wednesday. There's one for Thursday's theme over at Moonies which I immediately yoinked


    Yeah, I put something into the wine to get you sewing...heh heh heh my pretty!


    Ya have to change it up once in a while--now instead of always saying 'let me finish this row', now you can replace that occassionally with, 'let me finish this seam!'
    And of course, we're all craft-enablers! Go, Norma, Go!
    As for me, I'm one machine and one building behind my hubby.

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