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    Thursday, August 24, 2006


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    Love it!

    And I'm so glad you've found a creative outlet that makes you happy.

    Thank you for setting up the Project blog.


    Hmm. I'm thinking I need to send a link to your t-shirt post to #1 son's g.f. I've been knitting a sweater for her, but goshdarnit it's hard to do fittings when they both live 1200 miles away. Maybe this t-shirt thing would be easier. Too bad I'm w-a-y too far over the hill for them. They are darn cute.


    I think it is terrific that you are "taking back the t-shirts"! I looked at that book and B&N and loved it...but it's a bit too mature for Gracie. Keep on keeping on Norma! Love 'em!


    I think it needs to be revised to "Sexy T-Shirts R Us"! Wow those are SO cute. My daughter is just a tiny bit too young for those - she'd be embarrassed. Maybe too modest too. But oh my sister - wow. She'd look great in those. Are you ready to start selling them?? heh


    That blog is awesome!! Look at you with all your t-shirt clothes. You'll soon be called Daisy Mae;-)


    That sundress is absolutely adorable. The cutest dress ever. I love it. When I get real skinny, can I send you some tshirts & have you make me one? Pretty please? It would be SO much more fun than working on depositions and transcripts, I promise!

    Way to go on the blog, Scout! It looks great!!!


    OMG, look at you! On a roll, and so creative and inventive and I just can't wait to see what comes next (after all the work is done). ; )

    Teri P

    You're an inspiration, Norma. Last week I dusted off my sewing machine to complete my KSKS bag, and now I'm on a sewing roll. My 14-year-old niece is learning how to sew, and together we're going to refashion some of her dad's t-shirts... I've got Generation T on request at the library and have already picked out a few ts.

    ps. Kim took the words right out of my mouth... The sundress is indeed adorable!


    Here are some transcripts for you:
    (Undoubtedly you've seen these already, but I found them good for a second chuckle.)

    For all you do, we love you.


    You are very welcome my dear!


    No need to stop being Halters R Us. In fact, on my commute this morning, as I was musing once again on the possibility of buying the book (I'm not a hard sell, exactly, just a slow one), I was struck with related inspiration -- why not buy some men's dress shirts from a thrift store and put some darts in so they're flattering?! (I'm a tall woman, and it can be hard to find things that fit). So, for that tangential but related idea, thanks. Your public interest in altering shirts is not wasted on me.


    That sundress is fantastic! Look at you, you're a regular fashion designer now! Project Runway, look out for Norma!

    Marcia HAD to remind me that I still haven't finished sewing my grandson's duffle bag. Which he needs for the trip to Maine this weekend. And here I sit at the computer reading blogs about tee shirts.....


    Are we going to see you hawking these at the next Hamilton College move-in day? ;)


    I think I've looked that book over 3 times since you got it... oh how I wish that I had more t-shirts that were suited to re-design. But alas...

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