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    Tuesday, January 10, 2006


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    I knit while playing Scrabble. It helps with the wordplay.


    I haven't joined the stashalong but due to a severe financial embarassement lol I have vowed to my other half that I will buy no yarn until I have knit a very large amount of what I have already got :-)

    Dave Daniels

    I so envy anyone that can JOIN the stashalong. I'm still so new the all this that I don't have enough of a stash. Maybe 8 skeins left right now. I think everyone in the stashalong should donate a fwe skeins to us newbies, then you can buy more. Whaddyasay???


    YOU CAN BUY YARN ON AMAZON?!? This information is not helping me stay virtuous ...


    Those socks are pretty. What yarn are they? The colours are great (on my monitor anyway which is notoriously unreliable for that sort of thing)


    Did you win the game or were you too distracted by your knitting? I'm taking the Stashalong week by week. So far so good;-)


    Norma, if it helps - I'm only considering my stash to be fiber. Not books. :)

    Oh, and what are you knitting those socks with? I love the colors. Of course, if you tell me - what does it matter? I can't go buy the yarn anyway! Heh.


    What if someone sends you yarn. Does that count? ;-)
    By the way, I've got spinning envy - your singles are GORGEOUS!!!!! When I grow up, I want to spin JUST.LIKE.YOU.

    Rachel H

    Yarn deprived?? I think not, dear lady. Having officially committed to blogworld that you won't buy new yarn until what, April, you're feeling yarn shopping withdrawl pains. Perfectly understandable, because you won't be able to go and fondle and ogle new soft stuff coz you would likely be unable to prevent an ensuing accident with your credit card. So it's more like fondling and ogling withdrawl really. (not helping, am I? *evil little grin*)

    Me, I have the same kind of 'oh my god I spent HOW MUCH in the last 2 months' kind of motivation as Janine to keep my wallet out of yarn shops.


    I have not officially joined the Stashalong because I know I would fail. And you know me, the type-A overachiever, I can't fail because I would die of embarassment. But, unofficially? I'm trying to not buy yarn right now. I've got yarn for every project on my list at the moment so there's really no reason for more. It's so hard to resist the sock yarn, though. And SPA is during the Stashalong and there's just no way I could promise to not buy anything at SPA. That book is a new one to me (the dyeing one). I've got Color in Spinning and the Twisted Sisters Sock book. How does this one compare?


    Does this mean you want to live vicariously & hear about the yarn purchases of others? Or that we should just keep ourselves to ourselves? Because I'm kinda liking the idea of being a Yarn Proxy ...


    I have unofficially joined the stashalong because I, too, have enough stash to last me until I die. At least.

    Also, I looove Riesens, but haven't had any in years. I may have to Remedy that soon as you've put the idea in my head.

    Beth S.

    Add me to the list of people who want to know what SPLENDID yarn you are making that sock in the first photo from. I'm hoping you'll say Cherry Tree Hill because I have some in the stash that reminds me of this sock, but I have a bad feeling it's something glorious and unobtainable like Fleece Artist or an older colorway of STR. (sigh)


    love those socks! what's that yarn? not that i'm buying any now, as i also have enough to comfortably keep me in socks until the next millenium. are you feeling better this week? thinking of you.

    Teresa C

    I keep thinking that I will join, but it will have to be after I get my yarn for the Japanese Cardi. You'd think I would have something IN the stash, but all of my swatching is proving that I do not.

    Stork Chocolate Riesen. YUMMMMMMMMMMMM! Make some tea to go with that and I'll be right over.


    You know, I'm perfectly willing to promise to knit from my stash for the next three months, but I haven't signed up for the stash-along because I can't promise to not BUY any yarn during that time. I can't make any guarantees on that front!


    OMIGOD you can buy yarn on Amazon? I'm screwed.


    No, no, people misunderstand. You can't buy yarn on Amazon yet -- although since you can buy virtually everything else, it's probably only a matter of time -- but you can use your Amazon Visa card to buy whatever you want, which was my point.


    Don't think of it as a stash-along, think of it as a lovely, small, cozy yarn store in your house. They are having a great clearance sale and everything is FREE!

    Well, that's how I'm trying to think of it.


    Hang in there Norma--it looks like you have plenty to keep you busy :)


    You know, every once in a while I'm grateful that all the yarn stores around here are kind of inconvenient, with inconvenient hours.

    Now, if I can just figure out how to break the internet....


    Speaking of books for yarn, I'm about to head out to lunch and then it will be in the mail to you. YAY! I'm excited!

    Lee Ann

    I have virtue envy. ;-)


    Stash and chocolate in one posting? - wow! must take a look at the stashalong ...!


    I am one of those knitters who buys yarn with a purpose - a pattern and a recipient already picked out. So yesterday I bought a load on Smiley's (so what if the recipient of half of it is ME? I'm gonna learn me some sock knitting!) and am watching an ebay auction end right now. And then I will have enough WIPs to last through July... (And oh yeah, I gotta buy needles...)
    And lemme get this straight: your sister owns a chocolate shop and you eat candy that you can buy in bags at the drugstore? Crikes.
    Should I not tell you that Smiley's currently has 100% cashmere for $16 a skein?


    Oh you guys have Storck Riesen over there? I love them, but thought they are hard to find in the US. Hmm yummie, should go to the kitchen and grab some :))


    The letter "J" is worth a whopping 8 points in scrabble; you can claim stopping there was a coincidence, but we're not that easily fooled.

    (I'm a sucker for free shipping and monogramming from LLBeans, and love the "gift certificates" they send me from time to time...)


    It all sounds very admirable. I'm impressed, esp by the sexy Amazon card thing.


    What do you think of that Oddball Knitting book? I've only glanced at it but the projects look kinda cheesy.

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