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    Monday, January 09, 2006


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    its so positively delish seeing someone truly get it. i finally experienced that this christmas! my family has seen the work that goes into planning, designing, selecting yarn, and actually knitting the things i make... and the IT light has gone on in their heads. nothing like your gifts being APPRECIATED! (they're beautiful by the way, i wish people gave me gifts like that!)

    Dave Daniels

    It's a good thing his wife is a knitter. Can you imagine what he may have thought with all those needles poking into some sort of voodoo doll or secret Eurpoean torutue of old? lol The look on his face was probably priceless.
    Did you finish them and get your needles back?


    Hey Norma
    Loved the blog the other day Norma the knitter with a gun!Just what you need in Vt
    Okay, so I went to Ann's blog and can not find any fingerless gloves pattern-where is it?


    Won't he be excited when you hand him a finished pair very quickly!? It's an art to give appropriate gifts. You did good;-)


    This stashalong committment is getting harder, and it's only Jan. 9th.

    I am doomed.


    Obviously he understands knitting, what with that "will I have to wait until next year?!" question. Heh.

    Be strong in Stashalong, Norma!


    They sound like the perfect gift recipients! I'm so glad they liked them so much, and even more, that they appreciated them so much!!


    OOoooo - now THOSE friends are keepers. Smart man to recognize a WIP. And smart you to enable another fiberholic. :)


    Okay that was nasty. Link to Ann with promise of pattern and where does one find Ann's lovely pattern? Better link, please!


    I'm glad they liked their gifts! And glad to have been a (very small) part of the process here.


    Ah, if only all knitterly gifts could be received that way....


    Great to hear about folks who receive yarny gifts in exactly the spirit in which they're intended!

    Rachel H evil enabler you...


    Aw, how cute! Did you give them some of that yummy family chocolate too, just to tide them over...


    I've obviously been giving "promissory" gifts to the wrong people - they don't seem to appreciate the anticipation. Hopefully they get it when the gift is finally done.

    Do me a favor and stop rubbing it in about the Stashalong, 'kay?

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