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    Wednesday, January 18, 2006


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    How about another word - wuss!

    Just kidding. I can't even manage to finish my Christmas knitting and here you are knitting several red scarves for a very worthy cause.


    I'll sit with you in the cheer section ;)


    I'll be there on the sidelines with you. I can't say I blame you for sitting this one out, considering everything you have on your plate right now!


    My sentiments exactly!! Save a spot on the couch for me, ok?

    LOVE the button, consider it yoinked!


    Oh, lately, I have a severe case of ADD. I cannot finish a single item, no matter how small or big. I will look on with extreme wonder as people all over the globe start and finish knitting projects that I can't finish in a lifetime or more. I did not just fall off a turnip truck, you know! I know things about myself.
    I like your workday, by the way! If I were able to dye wool in the middle of it all, I'd be a happy person. But does my boss condone this behavior?


    I'm pulling up my comfy chair. Count me in as a spectator.

    Dave Daniels

    50 MORE pages before bedtime? Woman, THAT should be an Olympic event! No wonder you can knit 52 projects in 52 weeks. Maybe you should consider putting your hands in the Guiness Book of World Records for fastest fingers in the world?

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    I'm waiting for a peek at that koolaid-ed yarn. Thanks for the button. I'm html challenged but I'm going to wrestle it onto my sidebar now.

    I'll join you on the Olympic sidelines,I'm not up for that level of crazy just now. Maybe we sideliners need an Olympic button too.


    It's all about the process! You can join my 'do what you like...enjoy the process (ya, THAT word!) KAL.

    Amy Boogie

    I wave at you as I lap around the speed knitting ring. I'll take my straitjacket in red please.


    Ha! I'm with you. We'll have some good cheers written for K-N-I-T-T-E-R-S, Knitters, Knitters, ARE THE BEST!

    They do cheers in the Olympics, don't they?


    I am laughing so hard about your post...I truly love your perspective sometimes...Spot on! I'm certainly in the "special olympics" right now with all my UFO's on the needles!

    MaryB in Richmond

    While I *have* joined Steph's latest insanity, I am confident that I can .. uh ... well, we'll see.

    Meanwhile, I've finished a red scarf for "your" project, and am dropping it in the mail to them tomorrow (I'm just not all that confident that my local Einstein Brother's Bagels folks will be clued in to this national project).

    So, one thing off my to-do list so I can begin training for the Knitting Olympics!


    I am with everyone on the sidelines. I'll even bring the pom poms. Perhaps we can make up little shirts that say something witty for our team?

    Then again, I am Canadian. Perhaps I need to be sitting across from all of You since I will be cheering them on and not the Americans. Hmmm. Decisions Decisions.


    I'll be on the sidelines too. And while it isn't starting something...I did unearth Kevin's Dale of Norway...perhaps I should work on it exclusively during the Olympics. Nah!


    If finishing was the Olympic sport of choice, I would have no chance! SO I have UFO's numbering in the double digits? I'm a sucker for a challenge, and therefore have accepted Steph's. I'm the idiot knitting the florence scarf in merino no thicker than sewing thread. Insane, I tell ya. Insane.


    Ha, by the time the actual Olympics roll around, you'll be transcripted-out, and totally ready for 16 days of all knitting, all the time.
    I signed up, and decided to do my first ever pair of socks. I just got the yarn in the mail yesterday (ordered pre-challenge), and I have to scrounge up some needles of the proper size. This will be just the encouragement I need to get over both my startitis and the dreaded second-sock syndrome I hear so much about...
    Good luck with the yoga and the rest of the work! I missed reading your blog yesterday! >sob<

    Lee Ann

    You sayin' I'm crazy or somethin'?

    (why yes, it IS all about me... ;-)))


    I signed up for the Olympics but I expect to fail. They only give out one gold medal per sport, ya know. Anyway, love the red scarf button. I started mine yesterday and I'm using all my odd balls of various reds to do the long garter stitch scarf from Odd Ball Knitting. It's not fast but it's pretty!


    You'll cheer for me? Thank goodness! I signed up, because I need to be poked into my first growed up sweater. Of course, I have Kepler on the needles, and I might be done with it by then, so it will be my second, but.... what was I thinking?


    I consider myself a spectator extraordinaire for this sort of thing. And I'm at the peak of my spectating skills right now so I'll be giving you a run for your money over on the sidelines.


    I'll be there with you cheering from the sidelines :) I don't need to add something else to the needles right now.


    A little insanity once in a while is healthy, you should know that!

    julia fc

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one sitting out (Cate is too). Good company, good times. I have enough on the needles anyway.


    Oh yeah. This one is definitely a spectator sport for me. See you in the stands?


    I'll be on the sidelines with you. I'm about done in already with tax season. I can be in charge of making snugglers. Wouldn't want to catch a chill while watching all those competitors, you know.


    Crazy? Maybe. But I need something to inspire me to take risks, and this seemed like a good idea. Besides...peer pressure's a bitch (this decision, of course, being made before all you girls starting stepping and saying "no, thank you." :P )


    Me ? In the stands,knitting slowly !


    Oh, lovely little button. *saves elsewhere*
    So, um, how accurate was that transcription by page 48??


    *scooches over on the spectator bleachers*. Maybe I should use the 16 days to finish my UFOs? Now THAT's worthy of a medal. Mmmm..yogurt with blueberries!


    No honkin' way. No olympic knitting for this girl. I'm already feeling like an Intarsia Tard.

    (LOVE the photo from your window--what a perfect view!)


    Ok - the longjumper photo - TOO funny. Painful, but funny.


    As the Sundance film festival spawned the Slamdance film festival, so too has the Harlot's Olympics inspired me to ... keep knitting on my own schedule. I'm at That Point in the red scarf--you know, where you've been knitting forever (i.e., 41 inches) and the scale says more than half the skein is left? I really need to finish this project and get back to my brother's socks, or I'll never get ma belle soeur's socks done by Valentine's Day.

    Beth S.

    I was sorely tempted, but if I'm going to attempt a truly challenging knit, I don't want to be rushed when I do it. So I'll bring a thermos of something, er, medicinal, and we'll sit and toast all the sprinters as they go by. ;-)


    Ohhh now come on. not joining in? Ah well.
    I *heart* the olympics so this was a shoe in for me!
    I just need to get some other projects done before it starts!!
    My husband is already quoting the Harlot.. iE.. no whining or threatening family members with pointy sticks!!
    enjoy watching us all twitch!


    Norma, I don't blame you for sitting out. I certainly am too. Since I'm in the midst of a job change and my MIL just breaking her hip, I don't want to take on more than I can handle. Plus, you're right, these cabled scarves are more time consuming than I anticipated. But I'm glad I'm doing it. This is the first charity knitting I've done. You've inspired me woman! Chelle


    I'll be with you in the cheering section. I'm concentrating on finishing some of the items I've already started - I don't need to add more! And really, at this point, a washcloth is a challenge for me!


    Aren't knitters a separate entity from those petty global concerns? I think we should subdivide instead into categories of "project attempted" and "how far over your current level of knitting are you going, you fool!" Then we would have a lot more people to cheer for.

    Rachel H

    Scooch over on the chesterfield there. I've got beer and munchies for us. As long as we can smirk at the Knitting Olympians between cheers...


    Love the red button. I started by scarf today with a GORGEOUS skein that I picked up last spring at New Hampshire S&W.


    MY scarf. Must.proof.comments.


    I joined Margene's Olympic pressures.....I like that!


    Norma --- you could be the Dick Buttons of the Knitting Olympics, giving commentary and expert insight into the goings on ......

    I'll be Peggy Flemming.

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