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    Saturday, January 14, 2006


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    Wild Quotes from Wild Women? That could be the header of this blog, non? I dare you to be incommunicato - you just won't be able to do it!


    No worries, Norma--I seriously doubt anyone will judge you. You used some of your stash, and I think that's what really counts! Plus, it's for a good cause. I would "suck it up" too!


    I for one think buying an extra bit of yarn to finish a "charity" project with specific color requirements should be covered under a waiver process. I tore out the scarf I was working on because I HATED working with the yarn I was using (don't ask), after knitting about five hours and frogging three times. I'm off to the yarn store (30 miles away, it's still my closest LYS) to find something I'll enjoy, and hopefully, so will the recipient. I vote "NOT GUILTY" for Norma.


    Ahhh, life in litigation. It's always feast or famine. Funny though, how I keep confusing the two. The firm's feast is my famine.


    I could care less about the stashalong. The scarf is nice. And that feast or famine thing is a real drawback of the old freelance thing, unless you are confident enough of another feast (and organized enough about your finances) to really enjoy the famine times as time to do all the other things you want to do.


    I vote "Not Guilty" also. Buying extra for a charity project where you are USING the stash up first, is not a disqualifier.


    I think that, since you're knitting this for the community, you have some leeway. Now, if you keep knitting for the community throughout Stashalong and mysteriously have to buy yarn for every project... well, that's a totally different story!

    My lace scarf from the crazy red/scarlet/rusty orange/hot pink/fuschia Anne is done and soaking prior to blocking! Whoot whoot!

    I was listening to episode 7 of the Cast On podcast and she talks about the Red Scarf project at the beginning of the show.

    Rachel H

    Absolutely not guilty! Don't forget to sit and take a couple of deep soothing breaths over the next while, 'kay? Sounds like you might need them.


    I have another ball of that red cashmerino at work if you want it. I love that stuff, I use it for swatching all the time. Sometimes I'm really surprised at Lion Brand... in a good way.


    But it isn't going into the stash so it's ok, no? I finished a scarf last night (lace, big needles= fast!) and will buy more yarn today with the gift cert. from Christmas. Must knit red!


    Totally not guilty. Buying a skein of yarn to finish up a charity project that was started from yarn in your stash....come on - guilty for that would be just mean!

    Teresa C

    If you need to buy something to finish something that is from the stash, that doesn't count. Or else that yarn would still be IN the stash. Well, as long as you finish it and don't add that to the stash. Then you'll be in trouble. Get knitting girl!


    I agree with Teresa C. If youa re knitting a project from stash and need to buy yarn to FINISH it, no problem. You will end up with a finshed item and have less yarn in your stash at the end of it all.

    rock chick

    Am I the only one who pictures a primly dressed 50's era librarian-type striding onto Norma's blog and ripping down the Stash Along button with a smirk of self-satisfaction? Riight. That *is* just me. Carry on.


    Knitting for others Doesn't Count. If it does count, I'll drop the Stashalong in a gesture of solidarity (which would require me to make the heroic gesture of buying myself yarn to make you feel better).

    Sock yarn doesn't count either if you ask Yarn Harlot.


    (sniff) ... a quote from Bonnie Hunt's character in "Dave" ... I love that scene. It's hysterical.

    "and we're stopping ...." worrying about ordering extra yarn to finish a project that started out of the stash and is going to charity. If that doesn't deserve a mini-exemption, I don't know what does! (I do know what doesn't. My desire to buy some fingering weight Frog Tree Alpaca at the LYS today just because it was there and it was beautiful doesn't. That would have been wrong.)

    The scarf is lovely, and must be so cuddly soft ... that's going to be one lucky recipient.


    I totally vote for an exemption in this case for several reasons
    1. Yarn is leaving the stash.
    2. The new yarn will never actually enter the stash. and
    3. It's for a really good cause.

    Knit on and we will miss you next week.

    Jean E.

    I vote for the exemption,too. In addition to all of the aforementioned (by other commenters!!) reasons, you are also furthering the stash usage of others when we use our yarn for this project, so really you should be getting bonus points. Also, I would like to thank Dave for the awesome scarf pattern. I think I am going to make one for myself in pink when I am done with the red one.


    I completely agree with MommyknitsJen!

    The scarf looks georgeous.

    I will miss waking up to you each morning next week with my bowl of cereal in hand.


    I've seen some young folk wearing shorter scarves lately, looking very natty.


    No comments next week? I have to read the news?
    I think it is a no-guilt yarn buy.


    Delurking just to say that my red (and white) scarf is completed, fringed and ready to be mailed on Tues.... Thanks so much for the opportunity to do this! And I absolutely vote "not guilty" on buying additional yarn to complete your scarf.


    Yup, should totally be in the fine print of the Stashalong: "If a charity requests a specific knitted item, and you begin the item with yarn from your stash but do not have enough to complete the item according to the specifications of the charity and your own aesthetic taste, you are allowed to buy enough yarn to finish the project. And if you have a little left over and cast on for another of the same type of item, you are still within the bounds of the stashalong if you have to order still more of the yarn..."
    (To whom it may concern: I wholeheartedly apologize for ruining the spirit of the stashalong with my inability to see anyone else in the whole world have self control.)


    Okay, if anyone judges YOU for buying yarn to finish a scarf for orphans, I'll take THEM out at the knees! :)
    Sabbatical, schmabbatical.
    LOVE your sock! Keep it like that for this weekend if you wish. We can kirch together!


    Hey, you're ordering more yarn in order to make something for charity. That shouldn't count!


    You got me on board...I'll try to help ease any Stash-A-Long damage by using some of my own. (Having bought yarn already this year, I clearly don't qualify for the Stash-Along... so.. take my credit just in case someone tries to say that yarn bought for CHARITY counts.
    So.. I read your blog. I started to write the corresponding post for MY blog (, which led to stash diving -- on the blog even -- and I've selected my yarn and pattern. The knitting begins in the morning.... gift shawls (possibly over-blogged) and gift scarves (not yet blogged about) are herebye officially delayed for Charity Scarves...


    Am I going crazy? Didn't I leave a comment of support? I see my name, but it's not really me.
    Charity is giving, so buying is not guilty.


    What a stooge. I see it. I'm blind.


    I'm backing you on this one, Norma. Buying the yarn to complete the scarf is no different than buying a gift of yarn for someone else.

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