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    Friday, January 13, 2006


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    Donna in Virginia

    Hey, after you changed your scarf pattern, it looks like the one I am doing but mine is green. It's Irish Hiking Scarf


    Thanks for the tag info - I had managed to totally miss that in my reading/skimming at light speed. :)


    Hey! That almost looks exactly like the bag I just made!


    Nice scarf. Dave, if you are reading this, I can't read your blog. The type seems to not show up on that background colour in my browswer. Maybe it's me but you might want to look into that. I'd happily give you blog a try, otherwise.


    Love the scarf, Norma. I'm going to have to check out that yarn you're using. And I went to Dave's website trying to find the pattern and didn't see it. I found his Nov 13th entry where he talks about it. If I can't find his pattern, I may do the Irish Hiking Scarf. Chelle


    Here's a stumper: requests that the scarves be around 60 inches and unisex. Yet scarves that wrap tend to have the same bits rubbing against neck stubble. So do I interpret the length thing as a request for practical, warm garments or as an actual product specification? Putting it more baldly, is a cowl-type scarf inappropriate for this project? Help me out here, people.

    Rachel H

    Yay You!


    I don't think one cowl-type scarf is going to ruin their count :-) I think the idea is since they don't know how many they will get, nor the gender at this time of the recipients, they were trying to avoid getting 2,500 frou frou girly items.

    Again, for those of you who went right to the orphans site, it says the deadline is 1/20 which is incorrect. The deadline stands at 1/28 for mail, 1/31 for drop-offs.

    I bought some Karabella last night and will cast on later today.


    I've never done charity knitting before, but I have some red yarn and I think I have time to hit the deadline. So I'll do it. Thanks for the heads up and the eloquent plug you gave the whole idea yesterday. Now just to find or make up a quick scarf pattern.


    Yarn purchased last night, casting on today (details on my blog, of course). Thank you, Norma, for giving us all the heads up about this.


    This just arrived in my email from KnitNet: "Even better, for knitters in Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New York, Phoenix, Washington, DC., Einstein Bros. Bagels will offer one free bagel to any volunteer who works on a scarf for the project in their store during the campaign week, January 22 through 28, as well as to customers who drop off a handmade scarf for the youth. Coupons are required for the free bagels and can be picked up at area yarn and craft shops."


    And you can drop the scarves off at Einstiens...we have them everywhere.


    Ooooh, that's one nice looking scarf. I love it in the red, and the smaller seed stitch sections on the edges only make the cables stand out more. Have to go and check out that Cashmere Blend for myself, since I have a 50% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket. How many skeins do you think you'll use?


    Okay, I"m having a bit of a temper tantrum. Inside. Not outward. I want to knit the orphans some mittens. Red mittens, certainly. But not a scarf. MITTENS!


    Oh I like your tag idea, when I make a handknitted gift I almost put one of the lables of the material with it for washing instructions.

    Elizabeth D

    Norma and friends -- they do this project every year. So if you're feeling guilty because you know you can't do it -- make one for next year, and mail it next January. (I know this is true, because I just wrote, and they answered.) Also (can't flick back to check if Norma said this yesterday without losing my message) if you have an Einstein Bros. Bagel place near you, you can drop your scarf off right up until January 31.

    Donna in Virginia

    Off the topic but String or Nothing blog had a link to this Lego knitting machine which I thought you'd like

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