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    Sunday, January 15, 2006


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    I LOVE your snow-sky. It's pictures like that that makes me wish I could come visit you in Vermont. Because here? We just get cold wind. And you'd probably laugh at our wind. But whatever you do, don't fart in its general direction. That might not smell so good.

    Anyway, I loved snow in my one winter in Massachusetts. I just hated it about March or April. Or even May. Springs in the South are the best. Winters, however? A bit of a letdown.


    I'm glad to see the charity scarf knitting has taken off :) Sorry you had to order more yarn--I'm actually putting the stay or go decision to the Stashalongers--I mean it is for a good cause and all. Just popping through on Stashalong patrol--Happy knitting!


    I'm envious. I wish we had that much snow here in Minnesota. I love winter.


    You can have my snow (if there is any more this year in OK) along with yours... I *hate* snow. I can't help it, but I'm miserable when hot *and* miserable when cold. However, snow here means people act like asses, so you can have the snow ;-)


    Brrrr! It's 32F here in MN, with a spot of sun. Supposed to get up to 40F and be breezy today.


    We are waiting, waiting, waiting for the promised 6" of snow to arrive. It's gray here, too but the promise of snow has me looking out the window on a regular basis. It had better appear soon! Mountains are socked travel today:-(
    Sandy is a genius!


    Your snow is lovely! We're still trying to break the record here (western Washington) for the longest rainy spell in recorded history. The record is 33 days of measurable rain in 1953; we're on, oh, I think it's day 29 or maybe 28. We're in second place now, and many people are just hollering up to the sky DON'T STOP NOW, LET'S BREAK THE RECORD!!! Over 12 inches of rain in January alone so far. So mittens won't help - it's rubber boots we need! Thanks for the photos of a prettier climate!


    Joan, summer of 2005, Tucson tied its own record for the most consecutive days over 100 degrees: 39. When you go that long, you get all weird about breaking the record, because all that misery has to be worth something.
    Norma, don't feel bad - you starting your knitting as a hobby, and you've done some amazing and beautiful things. I'm quite sure that as soon as they're done and delivered, your friend will wear them with joy, and in the meantime, you can set your husband to selecting some colors from your stash for his pair!
    My sky is bright blue and sunny - all the haze from the last week was blown away last night. We're hoping for a little rain today, but there is not a single cloud in the sky... I just went outside (barefoot) to check the temperature, and it's 52 in the shade. My husband is outside in his flipflops, taking the Christmas lights down.


    It's overcast and chilly here, despite being 60F. It's been in the low 30s at night and 60 on those days is alot different than on the days when it's 50 for a low at night. I'll take my weather over yours. I can't imagine that much snow.


    Ooooh, thanks for posting the sky with me! I love even grey skies. Especially through the windows. :)

    Rachel H

    My sky today is bright and blue, from what I can tell from the warmth of my living room. You'll have to take my word for it, coz not being a blogger, I am safely removed from any feeling of having to go outside in the Stinking Cold to take a picture of the sky to keep up with the cool kids. No need to feel guilty about your husband not having thrums yet. It's that one cold foot of his I'd be worrying about. Unless you got the second birthday sock done? :o)


    Vermont. What can one say? We spent the day in Bennington yesterday. It was 54 degrees at 3:30. We went home at 9:15 and the temp had dropped to 28. And the rain had changed to sleet and snow.

    The two-hour ride north on Route 7 turned into a 3-hour white-knuckler, not so much because the roads were bad but because the wind and snow reduced visibility to about 20 feet.

    Now it's 7. But sunny. Gotta love sunny.


    I'm in a t-shirt....wanna come visit?!?


    Well, I'm damn glad I have a special pair of Norma Thrums (tm)! It is supposed to be -4F here (yes, the HIGH) on Tuesday. It should warm up to 0F by Friday. Tell Marshall and Dave to suck it up. ;)


    I couldn't even SEE out my window last night, it was completely plastered with snow-lace, between the sleet, the snow and the oh-so-blustery wind. It hasn't stopped all day (the wind that is). The only plus side, other than my not having to go out in it? The wind actually cleaned off my car! (Well, mostly.) That's almost a first.


    -15C. You're not serious. We Sydneysiders complain at 5C. ;)

    Dave Daniels

    Holy Crap! There are houses out there! Are those yours...or are those neighbors? I thought, living in Vermont, your nearest neighbor would be, like, beyond the back forty. No? Wassupwitdat?
    Beautiful view with the snow clumps in the trees and stuff. Nature shit. Cool.


    Well, we had the warmth and now the cold -15'C but no snow. At least snow makes it pretty... not really any more tolerable but pretty.


    I love that snow sky, makes me miss my youth ....but only for about a second :)

    If you and the Hubster need a respite, I will eventually have a second bedroom again(still a post Wilma disaster around here!)and you're welcome to it!

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