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    Wednesday, January 11, 2006


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    Either you just posted, or all your readers are too embarrassed and mortified on your behalf to even SAY ANYTHING about the epic can of whupass that has been dumped on your head.

    My sympathies. (Not so much on the Scrabble thing--you raise a child up to kick sorry Scrabble butt, and what did you expect? Did you think you would be spared?) Xox Kay

    Dave Daniels

    But you ARE wicked smaht, I know this fer shure.
    Did you try hitting your back button really fast a couple of times? Maybe you could have fooled that stupid machine. I'm just sayin'. Besides, what do you need schooling for now? You're learning to spin. That's enough for now. Next, maybe some weaving. You can't be tested about that on the computer. You're in Vermont, you don't need math. Why? Because I said so.


    Oh you poor thing! You know, I find that bbq sauce is good on crow. Makes it tolerable. ;)
    And erm, math, schmath. It's what's on the inside.
    Yes, I know it doesn't matter a wick with your ejumacation points.
    Poor dear. Make some tea. Suck it up, read the frigging things and take it again. It's still cheaper than going to the courses, no?


    Oh Norma. You just make me laugh.

    wicked smaht, lol


    I've had my ass whupped by those easy peasy continuing ed tests too. I'm WAY to smaht to study for them. And attend a seminar?!? You'd be out of your mind to do that.

    Guess you're right, it's not that hard to leave a comment if you put your mind to it.


    I spent the night whupping my own ass, so you have my sympathies too. And no, RC, whupping your own ass isn't any more fun than someone else whupping it for you. ;-)


    But you get an A+ in humour!


    Oh dear...I like to take tests on Medscape without reading the articles. I like the back button idea...or going into your history and digging out a page. Hang in there Norma. What was her killer word?

    Donna in Virginia

    I feel your pain re being beaten by your daugther. It's happened to me twice -- first a son who got an education at my expense and routinely beats me at things. You'd think that would have been a lesson to me and I'd make sure the daugther went to diesel mechanics school after high school but I am so dumb I let her go off to college and when she applied to a PhD program, I encouaged her instead of stopping such nonsense. (Who cares if she got fully funded for grad school -- I should have done something - DH has been no help at all) Feel better now? You could have had 2 children and repeated your mistakes and been doubly stupid. I have to resort to cheating now.


    Surely the program was faulty.


    Kids of today just don't know they should show repect to their lesser educated elders;-)
    Try a little slice of humble pie for dessert and you'll do fine on the next one.

    Teresa C

    When at first you don't succeed,
    Try, try again!


    Yay for measuring costs in terms of Koigu!


    On the upside, you wouldn't have been able to buy the Koigu until April anyway ...


    My parents and I are all pretty well-matched at Scrabble these days--it makes it a lot more fun. I hated playing back when they won every single game and I wasn't even in the running!


    To quote a button some family member gave me at my college graduation, "I am eruditer than you are." Or to quote another stupid button, "Used to be I couldn't spell engineer. Now I are one."

    Funny entry.

    Go, daughter!!


    I'll tell ya, I'd have to whup Hannah if she ever beat me at anything. And, if they ever decide that librarians need to have ejumication points or something, I'm scrod. Scrod, I tell ya.

    Rachel H

    My son is four and a half, and is ALREADY showing that he is smarter than both his parents, and demonstrates a skill with circulatory logic well beyond his years.

    Pray for me.


    I have commented before, but this is National DeLurking Week and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Thanks.


    Well Norma, that's a real bitch. Knowing you, though, I doubt you'll be whimpering on the floor for very long.


    Damn it! I must have gotten Ass Kicked germs from your blog, because hooboy has this been One of Those Days. My most recent apologetic email to the team of researchers I'm supposedly leading (straight to hell) ended with one of my favorite lines from Hunter S. Thompson, on a research project gone wrong: "Eventually we lost track of what we were supposed to be doing and started setting people on fire."


    Well, on the Bright Side, think about how much Koigu your daughter's outstanding education could have bought. Yeah, the entire company. (says the girl who is going to grad school and pays by the unit) Now aren't you glad she can beat her competitors in her college's underground Scrabble tournaments?

    Sometimes a small meaningless failure is a good reminder of my puffed head. Aren't you destashing, anyhow?

    rock chick

    Dumbass. ;-)

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