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    Monday, January 16, 2006


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    Wow Norma, you are the poster ass!


    I LOVE that one is called the Awkward Pose.


    Now that's inspirational. And a good reminder of why and how we need to take care of ourselves.


    Great post Norma! Inspirational!


    It makes me miss Tae Kwon Do so much...ah, that looks fun. Tough as hell, but fun.


    I couldnt agree with you more about Bikram, only kind of yoga that interests me. And the emotional sweat off makes it worth it. I need to suck it up and start going here, but the idea of following instruction only in french is a wee bit daunting. So are teh flabs appearing on my stomach though :)

    Have a great week and lady... you look awesome in that photo!


    I was taking a "regular" yoga class for awhile and I couldn't believe the difference just 3 classes made in my flexibility. I don't think we have bikram yoga around here, but if we did, my husband would be all over it. I don't think it's my thing. But you never know....

    Dave Daniels

    One word: OUCH!
    I prefer Tai Chi. I like the flowery graceful stuff. Heh, of course.


    I can do the dead body pose. I know I can! Camel? no.
    Beginner's is at the library tonight. Maybe this time I'll go.
    Thank you for thinking of me, Norma.


    Amazing stuff. I so admire your determination to be healthy - the way you eat and take care of yourself - I want to be you when I grow up!


    Moving the body and building up strength and flexiblity is addicting! Great post and its good to hear you can make the yoga classes more often now.


    Thanks for that detail. I'm suffering a bit these days and thinking I need to do something to strengthen me. I'm going to get a referral to a physio and/or massage therapist (if I'm referred by my doctor the insurance will pay) and consult with them about what might be best. But yoga was on my list, though maybe not Bikram. Great to know it makes a big difference to you.


    I started Bikram yoga at my club with a visiting instructor, so she couldn't get the room really hot. The first time I tried it with the room at the proper temperature (on a visit to Key West), wow--I thought I was going to throw up. I had to leave the room for awhile and go outside where it was cool (only 85 degrees). Then I had to walk back to my hotel looking like I'd just competed in a wet T-shirt contest. Anyway, I completely agree re. the chiropractor--not necessary if I do my yoga.


    My class has been Power yoga without the heat. I like it that way. The simplistic breathe and stretch and relax doesn't do it for me. My skiing this year was WAY different, better, balanced. Yoga is the only thing between me and stiff as a board. I like your B word.
    And your picture.


    This is exactly the information I've been looking for. Thanks, it was SO helpful!


    Every time you write about Bikram I think about trying the place down the street.
    Then I go to Ashtanga.


    Wow, I have this strange desire to go try Bikram yoga...


    i love bikram's! i was doing it about 3x a week for 3 years. haven't done it in a couple of years now and wow! do i miss it!


    Just started Vinyasa Power Yoga -- hot, but not quite so hot as Bikram! My first yoga ever (I can hardly believe that) and I love it. Going again tonight! Oh!! Those things that someone should have told you beforehand -- no kidding!


    Wow, I'm impressed--and wish I wasn't too late for the ABC-along! It's all I can do to drag myself to my friend's slightly-larger-than-shoebox sized apartment once a week or so for yoga. That Bikram stuff sounds too tough for me. Good for you!


    I don't think I could ever do it - I have trouble with downward dog and just thinking about the heat makes me prostrate, but I admire your dedication and the fact that you signed a release form allowing them to hang pictures of you with buckets of sweat dripping off of your scantily clad body. That's the greatest endoresment of yoga I've ever heard.


    Okay, I'm impressed! That sounds way too intense for me (grin). Like Dave, I like the flowery, graceful stuff better. Although, really, I haven't done any yoga in a while--too long. There's only so much free time, you know? And when I HAVE done it, it's from tapes in my bedroom--so that there's no travel time built into the equation. But really, almost none at all since I got Chappy. (Hey, when I do situps, he comes over and climbs on my stomach--if I try balancing on one leg, he's going to jump on me, I know it!) Yes, it's an excuse, but see? It just makes me admire YOU that much more!


    I really miss being in the yoga studio. I never really got into the Bikram thing, but for a while I did a lot of Vinyasa Flow and even got certified to teach. I'm a flexy-bendy girl, so I actually can do that version of Ustrasana and many other pretzely poses.

    Glad you're renewing your practice. And hey. I miss you.


    Interesting. Now I know your secret to vibrancy. Or one of them, anyway. :-)


    How funny that I recognized you immediately just from the back of your head as the photo loaded...

    No Bikram for me, thanks. Vinyasa girl all the way. I need my inversions (when not knocked up. But man does legs up the wall feel like heaven these days...) and I pass out from heat. But I'm glad you love it. Billy's done some Bikram (but mostly he's an Iyengar boy.)


    I like the sounds of that. I used to do the regular yoga (where the instructor would have us take a pose, then discuss the spiritual benefits of said pose while we were all turning purple). She had a sub once, and it was like yoga on speed. I loved it. It was almost cardio. The original instructor came back, and while trying to hold some gawdawful pose for the twenty minutes she flowered on and on in that fake soothing voice, I tweaked the HELL out of my back, and never went back. >sigh<


    I really need and want to get in shape, and Yoga has always sounded so appealing, but that type of Yoga -- hmm. Scary. Maybe I'll try it sometime just to see if I could endure one session? The photo of you is great, BTW. Wow you look good. Chelle


    I really need and want to get in shape, and Yoga has always sounded so appealing, but that type of Yoga -- hmm. Scary. Maybe I'll try it sometime just to see if I could endure one session? The photo of you is great, BTW. Wow you look good. Chelle


    I admire (and am perhaps a bit envious of) your dedication to your health. I always have some excuse to put things off - not enough money, not enough time, not enough motivation.... You're very lucky that you've found something that works for you.


    Norma! I love the photo! So very awesome! I also love Birkim Yoga though I just tend to do the regular kind (work offers it for free and I'm cheap).


    Very cool -- ahem, rather hot! -- post. There *is* a Bikram studio in my town -- I guess I'd better get my butt over there! (Still laughing at the post-it note.)


    Yoga is the most amazing thing, isn't it? I have it on my survival budget - you know, the stuff you absolutely *will* pay for, even when there really isn't any money. It's that important to my body and my over all well being.


    Great post, Norma! Very inspiring - I think I'm going to go look up some local vinyasa classes.

    [Camel pose is one of the poses that I have always struggled with. Yours looks like it was turning out well!]


    As a chiropractor I talk to my patients about the benefits of Bikram yoga until I am blue in the face. It's true, you will need your chiro and massage therapist much less often. It just makes ya feel good all over!


    Very inspirational Norma, thanks :). You look great!


    You're knucking futz.


    Gotta say, this sounds AWFUL. But probably mostly because it would mean getting up off my couch.


    Wow. Thanks for all the information. I've so wanted to try yoga and haven't been motivated enough yet. You have given me some inspiration.


    I am sweating just thinking of sitting in a 100 degree room. Medals all around!


    Of course you post this on a day when I'm sore all over from gardening yesterday. My B this week is Busting a move on this red scarf. 2 feet of cranberry Araucania and growing!


    This must be a sign, I was just telling my husband last night that I wanted to try Yoga but that I wanted something that would give me a good workout. I must go do a google search and see if there are any classes offered locally. Thanks for the heads up Norma!


    I LOVE doing hot yoga (or Bikram's). Loveitloveitloveit.


    you just made me want to try something i've never wanted to try.

    not yoga, mind you. i like yoga.

    but hot, sweaty, Really Hard yoga. in a class. with People.

    *googles for bikram in chattanooga*


    need any buttons made? i think i might just be back.


    I've been acquainted with Bikram yoga through my sister-in-law and younger brother. She actually got his computer game playing, mountain dew drinking chemical engineerness into the whole yoga thing. They both go three or more times a week and they both look fabulous. And she's actually going out to LA in the spring to take the teacher training course so in the summer I'll have a connection to a real live Bikram instructor. Maybe that will get me motivated to try it out sometime.

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